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Hi Maelstrom. I'm glad you liked it :)
This is the most awkward family photo with disturbing facial expressions and I love it! :D. Thank you secret santa!!!!!
Now that we can reveal ourselves i can actually answer your questions lol. He is just darned excited to see what's in that gift!!!
This is amazing! Thank you! :D
First post CTN page... hopefully with improvement after learning a lot from there...
Been crazy busy at work lately... but shouldn't run into this sort of delay too often. Should have a nice announcement coming soon though so stay tuned!!
Hey... sometimes those characters just...exist. The fact that they are garnering that kind of a reaction has to be a success considering they were meant to be disliked.

Plus it gives someone to make atty look like a saint in comparison since pretty much everyone he has encountered save for some Rockets seems to be on the more pleasant side than our protagonist! lol
It's a flashback in the ye olde sense..? Back in the days before color was color and... I really don't know where I'm going with this...
Time for a bedtime story!!!
For the actual account, check out the the "Origins" section in the archives! Also, starting today, I will be updating every Monday, with possibly more days depending on availability.
New Content!
We are done archiving so... yeah... New stuff...though i previewed the cover a while back on FB as part of an art challenge, this is the official release and we will be going forward with new stuff from now on :)
This comic is a bridge to a possible second series as well... but starting Friday, we will be working towards everything happening in the comic book world.
This is actually pretty true. I spent a lot of time preparing and freaking out on whether or not people would actually like what i was doing that I forgot the real reason is because I enjoy making these.
Almost done
We are just a few updates away from having the archives fully transferred. I'll be posting a news update soon with what will be happening once we hit new content :)
General Education
So... why is it that general ed in college has to be really mundane or you gotta do a class that is gonna be a pain to just stay awake in?
About 12 strips till new content!
Little bit of a stoppage...
Hey look I'm back to uploading! Sorry, last few months got a little... hectic. lol. Anyways, back to the grind!
May have to remaster this one... kinda ran out of time on my old update schedule... but hey.. guess that happens..
More Coming
Hey I really want to start to get to the newer stuff, so starting tomorrow I may be uploading 2 per day instead of 1. So keep an eye out :)
Things were a little...odd back in 2006.