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A long time Pokemon Fan, I am also a devout follower of anything 'Star Wars','Kingkiller Chronicles', and 'Wheel of Time'.
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ah good ol' George. so carefree and bright. I have missed you. :)
Good to be back!
Man I just love this comic more and more every time i check up on it. Beautiful art H0ly, you have really improved over the years. Also, the story and world you have created is so full and alive. All I can say is bravo. Keep up the good work!
@Atomic dragon: As a healer, I will publicly say that you are a good person. 10/10 would heal again.
sounds similar to west coast Canada. at the right time of year you have no idea what the weather is doing. :)
hot Damm.
nice. :)
this is glorious :)
@PJSam: "if you had to come up with a word for how dead he is, what would it be?"

that is so adorable :)
yep that seems about right :)
great one! got a big smile out of me. seriously i am still grinning :)
Hilarious! they totally do that too. :)
Stap Pokmans. just stap
yea... Nintendo is making it very hard for me to remain unspoiled for the new pokemon games without hiding under a rock. Plus the demo is coming out soon, so... safe to say that i might need to grab my spelunking gear. :/
@ninjaxxxrecon: thanks for the mental image :) Adorable!
good choice with just showing the tails. sometimes showing less is the best way to do it. :)
Life happens.
Take your time, us here at the internet will keep supporting you!
I love your varied humor. It keeps things interesting :) keep it up!
*high pitched noises* they are so cute together!
hehehe going in for the kill. thats one way to do it :)
Awesome! this is perfect :)