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I'll get to it later :P
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Could ya gimme a copy of the text backround thing?
I can't! I have no idea wtf is going on!

If something is produced from me, expect it to be confusing and crappy.
Am I still author here? I still keep getting update email.
duh...but ya gotta make due when too lazy to find real kh heartless sprites...but that was late at night.
eww, this didn't do to well...oh well, I hate intros anyways...and I'm gonna edit this..I forgot that fourth frame.
change the background to another dark color. I can't see if he has any cool details or not...
I joined already, but I don't have any privilages as far as I know.
so you're saying I'm not going in there until my story is up, right?..
just how many people can make comics?.....I mean, do we just sit here and watch you guys just do stuff?..
.....this is why you should let me have many comic privliges and let Heatz be the second main character...:P
wait a sec....
I dunno who you are. how can I send you my sprites?...
fine then..
heck, I'll join. this sounds awesome. now I just need to find a way to get back into the forum to email you...
how do you get privilage to put comics? I ca't do it.(and yes I have been accepted to be a member...)
hey, I'm a new author. when will be a good time to make a comic, and how should I start?..

(and sorry for making this an author
its mostly the guilt that gets can't show them to people in real life, because then they'd eventually get back on the net under your name, and you'd become an outcast...and then some people even copywright theirs, and you should know what happends then....
......yea, I don't draw very well....
hey, um....I made KH sprites a while back and still have there any chance I could join in about 4-5 days?(thats when I get back to my own computer which holds the sprites.)
oh yea
forgot to mention, but when you want me to do somethin, just pm me what to do in the forums.
hey, could I join? I'm a good spriter too.
pretty cool fact this is simlar to the comic I'm making now.