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Cartoon-animal-loving Minecraft-addicted programmer/artist
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    Robert Cyrus Mexico
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@Flexico: Whoops, it registered me as a guest for some reason. :/
@Guest: Um, not even close.
I wouldn't mind being turned into an eevee personally. :3
That is one badass little floof. :3
Wow, thank you very much!
"Uh, Ford? I think I'm a sofa. ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!"
Same thing just happened to me, but with a Spyro plushie. XD He's huuuuuuge
Jesus doesn't mind if people use his ideas -- he came to Earth to GIVE us all those ideas!
I don't understand the connection between the barfer and the balloons.
Amazing timing that I find this now.
Tuesday: biggest worry == $90 worth of unfair bank fees
Thursday: biggest worry == a 3-year-old with cancer

So yeah, I get this.
I've had FedEx leave boxes out in the rain before. Thankfully my items were sealed in their own plastic packaging so nothing was damaged, but STILL. I only use UPS now; they're great. ^^
@Ren: That is an amazing idea. :3
I once had a guy spit out his open window at me and it came in my open window and hit my seat next to my shoulder. Now, I do understand why he was upset: we had both pulled into the middle turn lane coming straight at each other. I had just received my license and was still a new driver and didn't know what to do, so I kind of panicked and froze up and ended up forcing him out of the turn lane. He probably thought I did it on purpose. But still -- spitting at someone? Really. Gotta say though, he had amazing aim. Out one window of a moving vehicle and into the window of another moving vehicle. Impressive. XD
That is hilarious because I was/am the EXACT OPPOSITE. I had no problem with it when I was a kid, but now I turn away. XD
@ServantofCygnus: Or more likely they do see and are jealous, so they try to make you feel bad to make themselves feel better by comparison.
Add "or is necessary for your continued existence" to that message. =P
I was not aware that "eating ice cream in a sexual manner" is a thing. XD I mean, sure I've heard jokes about hot dogs, buuuuut ... XD
How is it that people like that can keep jobs while genuinely hard workers get written up and threatened over the tiniest mistakes?
Fun comics and similar creative expressions have made a huge difference in my life on numerous occasions. Don't give up. ^^ (I know this is old, but still...)
I'm of the opinion that everyone has some sort of metal illness, but some are more functional than others.