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@DarkmasterN: Wow, been away 3 years, good to know this is still going :3
This One
@DarkmasterN: Is an Korean webcomic that has no official translation, plus the original in Korean is free to read, so no worries there
@DarkmasterN: About that copy of Parasyte (was DL link btw) I had that 2-3 years before they started bringing it to America, soooo
@DarkmasterN: Sorry for flooding you with posts, I just don't have anyone to talk about this kinda stuff wit h :P
Body horror
@DarkmasterN: Speaking of body horror, the manga of Gantz (source material and MUCH longer than anime) Has more and more of this as the series progresses (with several other disturbing tropes thrown in)
@DarkmasterN: You need to add your comic to these pages to increase exposure
@DarkmasterN: One of the genres that both this and Parasyte contain is "Body Horror" but most sites and search utilities don't have that as a tag (hell, has Parasyte as the page picture)
@DarkmasterN: Ever need anything, let me know.
@DarkmasterN: I have 250-350GB of Manga and Comics on my external drives (Have translated Korean webcomics as well) and about 2.5 TB of anime
@DarkmasterN: The anime is completely different. (BTW if you want, I have the entire manga [fan translated, but great quality] on my mediafire account here: )
Is this hosted on any other sites?
Read kiseijuu (Parasyte) years ago btw.
Just letting you know I spent the past few hours reading the whole comic to this point. You have a follower. It is so hard to find horror/fiction with this combination of themes. On that note, do you have any suggestions (in any format, book, movie, etc)?
Is this on hiatus or something?