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I mean, it sounds good enough in English to me.
I like that Crystal basically decided, "I can use dates to distract Gold, this works."
Gold, that is an underwhelming response to getting kissed.

...Crystal's either gonna break down or swing at Flannery. Not sure which.
Gods, I love Crystal and Gold's banter. (Also the fact that both of them are implicitly accepting that this is a date and that they're dating and YAY)

Small grammar thing:
"I'll think in something better later" sounds a bit off to me. The term I've heard is "I'll think -of- something better later".
Oh my god, I'm so torn

On one hand, this is hilarious

On the other hand, I want them to be happy and become a couple
I get the feeling Crystal is a little torn right now.
On one hand, Gold is telling her what to do. So she would usually get angry.
On the other hand, he's legitimately worried for her health and trying to keep her safe...
Did they really just self-destruct a lot on her?
I guess as long as she survives it, it's EXP without having to even attack herself...
@Critic: My thoughts exactly.
I believe it would be "You'll get used to it", not just "you'll get used".
Also, I love how Crys and Gold got so close... And then aren't saying anything because they're too stubborn.
Gold... Lying is bad, Gold.
I love the alt text... XD
@Whip the Rabbit: I wish this website had a like system. So I could like the F out of this comment.
@miizj: To be fair, it is GOLD who said that... So completely understandable in the comic.
Uh oh... I don't know what the red eyes mean, but it can't be anything good. Especially with a critical Water Gun following them...
I just love the way Crystal gets so excited about someone wanting to listen to her. Says a lot about Gold, given that they've apparently been regularly around each other for a few years (?) at this point...
Not that that's a surprise, but still. It's honestly kinda cute the way she perks up at someone wanting to listen to her.