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OMG he can FLY >>.<<
That is so awsume ^-^
I looked at the picture before i read it, and i totaly imagined him saying he was playing Slip-an-Slide >>.<<
just wondering, didn't that shirt get turned black earlier?
SAMMY!!!!!!!! TT~TT
anyone who's ever been hit on by a really awkward dude knows that there's a razor-thin line between cute and creepy. . .
As much as i don't like metal, Alex is cute ^-^
The new style is prettier, but it usually is hard to make work for a comic. I know your probibly anouyed at how unhelpfull most of us are being, but it's really what you think you could do that works with the story.

kawaii *flaps arms and runs in a circle*
August 17th, 2008
Lolita Lane ?

i wana go T~T
Y isn't there a hole in MY wall TT~TT
This picture makes me try to decided who's the girly one, not that i really mind >.>
I guess the really question is whose blood is that.
I love the heart ^.^
OMG I CAUGHT UP!!!!!!!!! 0.0, scry had to celibrate, any ways, he's so cool ^.^ now i feel stupid for making my fan art pix with out getting to him, so know i have to figureout how to draw him in *cries* that is after i figureout how to draw, but te, that's not going to happen, so i should just give up v.v

what does Joey not at lest know about o.0 that Val's idea, or is it where he works o.0 anyway *sqeal* kawaii neko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*actually let go of mathew to go see the new person* priest 0.0 *scutals closer, probibly scares the crap out of him* O.O
joey mean *hugs mathew* pick on the new comer, and you should know all about mathew's tendences *glares at joey*
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! and as far as i think, i'm not really sure about this pic, i just want to know about Val's past, he's becoming more intierestin then Joey ^>^
but besides that, i sure he's interesting because he exscapted the lefts family, or something like that >.> so confused >>.<< i'll catch on eventually
shouldn't he know the brothers abilities? i mean he watched them kill people all the time o.0

*scrutinizes joey* your ploting something arn't you !!!!

i hope it's fun ^.^
well if vampires look normal, then i guess hummans have to have something weird about them >.>