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what will his reply be?

I dunno
Playing around with pixels for this one, like making it blurry to emphasize the haziness of the memory/flashback
Whoa! It's been so long since I've gotten back to this comic and it's grown so much! Gigi, you've been doing a fantastic job!
The last part of Escape!
The webcomic suffered a major data loss. These few comics to come will have no authors' comment, as the previous authors comments were lost in the data loss.
I'm half expecting their counterparts to begin murdering each other.

I am extremely proud of the drawing of the explosion. I got the inspiration from a Batman comic.
Yes, Ian.
Sorry for the late reply. Nearly any scanner will do the job. I like to use Microsoft Fax and Scan for my comics!
I think this is where the real chapter begins. Keeby is extremely frustrated with living in Kirby's Shadow, which influences him to leave Kirby. I'm willing to bet money he'll be back, but this time as a major villain. His inferiority complex has been gradually growing and it's about to burst.
Kirsy:"State name and occupation."
Lonn:"My name is Lonn. I'm an expert pyromaniac with 403 lives under my belt."
"I mean... uh... unemployed."
@Ultimate Yoshi: Is that a reference to some--Ooooooohhhhhhh.
Dick Gumshoe has to be a Waddle Dee.
Step on the ant, Kirby! You're licensed to kill, after all.
Now all we've gotta get is a judge.
Meta Knight? Meta Knight?
"He doesn't always think about the consequences of his actions, which has gotten him into trouble a lot." Keito, you were always one to take things too far, and today you did. You shall be missed.
*eats bug*
There. Case closed. Not guilty.
Thank you so much for doing this, Gigi.
No matter what, this chapter is going to be awesome. Remember to get the OBJECTION! and TAKE THAT! sprites as well!
I loved this chapter. Tim deserved some spotlight.
Huh. The race actually went as planned.
ALL BETS OFF!... please?