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With every page Ernest reminds me of myself at any bar ever.

> The pages must be a puzzle! Just paper them around the room until they make a map, or a message or something.
October 31st, 2018
Coming Soon to Bar’d: Making A Mortarer
October 9th, 2018
I keep expecting the next dramatic entry to be the CYOA folding into the main comic, that guy's gonna have to have an extra dramatic entry to keep up.
Hell of a power move to wear your wedding tux months after the wedding.
Surprise Saturday update!
Last week I was busy drinking and working on my other comic to finish this page up, but in return there'll be two updates this weekend! Daddy Ghost is so good to you.

Also, at this point I have to bring attention to it: I'm actively trying to nail the anatomy for these monsters as I do the pages (between work and other projects there's not a lot of time to do character models) so please bear with me as the models constantly shift into a more pleasing form.
>Scale the building like a mighty raccoon.

I imagine this is just a long con to not have to sleep in a box somewhere.
These guys' conversations parallel a lot huh?
A whole year later
Our protagonist has returned.
Toxic Steroids Mutatey Vas
@Dregan: Hahaha yeah it'd be super silly if that happened...really stupid direction for this chapter to take...*quietly re-writes the next five pages*
Hey Jackass Pick a Color Palette Why Don'tcha?
I'm working on it! The color palette for this scene won't change anymore, but the palette from page 10 didn't seem to say "it's night time"
@Tsurugi: The crazy faces help mask how hard a time I have drawing these wall-eyed monsters
>Have him sprout his demon wings that all demons have and ferry you over the city to find your target.

My detailed knowledge of Bar'd lore (dating back to yesterday when I had to re-read most of it to remember what's going on) reminds me that Dejero wanted Vas and Sheila to date in the first place, everybody win.
Whoa this again?
Yep this again
Do you guys like talking?
This is the first comic series I've done where characters will just stand around and talk for a bit, instead of an endless stream of action setpieces. It's...foreign, to me.

If you knew even a little about how my week has been you'd think it's a miracle this page came up at all, let alone a few hours late.
Wow these spaces where wisdom teeth used to be hurt.
If things went smoothly I just got a ton of wisdom teeth taken out and didn't die. So next week's page is entirely dependent on how out of my mind I am on painkillers. I hope it's a lot!
Expect a special Friday update later this week, but don't get too excited. It's just the chapter title page.
@Dregan Yeah you can expect more than a ton of fiddling with that effect until I can get it to convey right. Also, noted about the motion lines. Expect a ton of lines getting all sorts of motion up in here.
That opacity thing sure was annoying to do. Hope that isn't an ability that shows up a lot in the rest of the story!