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Do you guys like talking?
This is the first comic series I've done where characters will just stand around and talk for a bit, instead of an endless stream of action setpieces. It's...foreign, to me.

If you knew even a little about how my week has been you'd think it's a miracle this page came up at all, let alone a few hours late.
Wow these spaces where wisdom teeth used to be hurt.
If things went smoothly I just got a ton of wisdom teeth taken out and didn't die. So next week's page is entirely dependent on how out of my mind I am on painkillers. I hope it's a lot!
Expect a special Friday update later this week, but don't get too excited. It's just the chapter title page.
@Dregan Yeah you can expect more than a ton of fiddling with that effect until I can get it to convey right. Also, noted about the motion lines. Expect a ton of lines getting all sorts of motion up in here.
That opacity thing sure was annoying to do. Hope that isn't an ability that shows up a lot in the rest of the story!
Special Friday Update GO!
Decided to throw this page up early since it's so short. The reality is that I'm only doing this comic to draw increasingly silly faces.
I tried to make the convenience store say "Kum N' Go" but ran out of space. So now I'm four years old.
Who has two thumbs...
And is an ignorant slut that didn't save the script he wrote for this whole chapter? The FIRST chapter? This guy.

Well one page is one page, so he's a shiny new page with a different coloring style and opening. Bare with me as I learn to draw these wall-eyed mutants again.