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I’m thinking it’s gonna be QuickScope! Although I’m not Josh’s biggest fan, I definitely have a feeling that his story arc will end with him seeing Tony for what he is and taking him out. Josh seems like he’ll be much more than a one-note character that repeatedly trusts a shitty person. But maybe I’m wrong in that. QuickScope is funny but he’s not giving us anything other than jokes so he’s probably gone.
Rosella WILL break the red-head bitch curse and actually win this season, a true legend in the making.
My Pre-Season Fave Has Left The Building
I actually really liked Sylvia a lot and am sad to see her go! She wasn't a bitch she played the game and was fueled by a competitive spirit. She targeted people that would make her winning the season harder and of course everyone hates characters that try to take out their favorites(@ the Ky super fans). I've never had my pre-season favorite ever go this far so it's super awesome that she made it here! People just can't handle a girl that has an attitude that isn't demure and shy, shocker! What a great character! Can't wait for her to return and win All-Stars!
I truly wasn't sure which one of the two were going to leave tonight. It does make more sense for it to be Ky, unfortunately. Ky was such an amazing ray of sunshine throughout the entire season and it was very awesome to see, but his win was always out of the picture in my mind. At this point, the most likely scenario in my eyes is Taro winning final immunity out of nowhere and Dustin being voted out. I see the final tribal council being a showdown between Sylvia and Taro. I wouldn't mind this as Sylvia has been my pick since Day 1, and is definitely my favorite character. However, I think Taro will win, which I suppose will be bearable. I don't see Dustin winning and I doubt Shaega will win, maybe he'll pull some sort of Tapioca-esque moves during the final tribal council if he makes it there. Can't wait to see how the last couple of days all pan out, props to SWSU for another entertaining season!
@Tailslover13: It's not that I don't agree with what you say, it's that I don't agree with how you say it and how you act. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I just don't think a comic about Survivor is worth getting so worked up about.
@Tailslover13: Why do you have to constantly be so hateful? If you're reading a comic about Survivor, every single character is going to have a point where they are targeted. The fact that you decide to completely blow up on a fictional character because they do something that you don't like is extremely foolish and so annoying. You get so angry over a comic and you make yourself look like a fool. In this game, Ky is the biggest threat to win, therefore people are going to try and take him out. Act your age because you're acting like a 5 year old, build a bridge, and get over it. You have driven me crazy for this entire season and I can't bare it anymore. I'm sure I'm not the only one that loathes your comments fueled with hatred and overreacting.
This tribal council honestly made me love Sylvia even more than I already do. Despite her frequent cussing, the way she responded to Tamara's empty accusations seemed so classy to me. So glad she ended up staying, although Dustin's idol play had me thinking that Sylvia was gonna leave. I was really hoping that Tamara would be similar to Jocasta from an earlier season, but we can't get everything e want.
This is the first character that I've been genuinely sad to see go! In Gekkota's words, it truly was a fatality. I did see this one coming but she truly was an awesome character! Marie better make the most out of this second chance she just got, even though she may not be aware that she was a target.
Four guy boots in a row? Thank you very much! Of all the possible boots that were possible, this was the one I was most acceptable of. I've never been a fan of The Big Bang Theory characters brought into this comic, they just don't intrigue me. Thankfully, they've never truly done all that well. See you never Freddy! <3
Brandi is becoming the villain that she was looking for in Marie, and I find that very interesting. After all, she is a cop, right? I feel like the four-way tie will end up happening, and then we will see Freddy go I believe. This tribal council will be very interesting!

Edit: I also always seem to love the "bitchy girl" character that everyone hates. I love Tamara and Cordelia and this darker side of Brandi is really entertaining for me. Just my observations relating to how unique I am! XD
Marie's in some deep shit, and if she truly went to the bathroom behind that bush, the idol was in some deep shit too...of a more literal kind.

And poor Billy, seeing him sad actually breaks my heart.
I could honestly see Marie going next episode and she ends up being the sort of character where we all look at the setting sun and wonder, "Whay could have been?"
@Tailslover13: Tied for 2nd/3rd. Not bad, not bad at all!
Daisuke, it was nice knowing you. I just feel like the other 3 have something to offer and won't be going yet. The uber positive guy made it quite far last season (Mac), and similar to the reasoning for Cha'Telle to go (OTTN going far in SFC14), I see Daisuke going. Also because I don't want Juli to go even though I some what see her as filler on this tribe but time will tell.
I don't think this shows that Marie is evil, I think it shows that she's smart. If we look back on SFC 8 when there was a reward of beer, the idea of dehydration literally got someone sent home did it not? I know it was a big issue. Marie just doesn't want her tribe to get drunk as she knows the consequences. However, I still think Marie is a guy.
They actually did it, they actual threw the competition. What a pity, I hate when that happens. To me, it seems as though Xeradonus has already served his purpose, what more is there that he can truly do. I love him to death, but I think it's his time to go.
I'm thinking Xeradonus is going to survive, but not at the hands of Gekkota's "idol". However, the tribe has to lose the competition first before it matters.

It was also nice to see Zach again, I had honestly forgotten about him.
How cute! Of course Fred is awkward around girls! Marie is still quite strange, but I'm starting to believe that it is simply a red herring. I guess time will have to tell with her/him. Tamara's pretty chill too! I've said it once and I'll say it again, this season has a lot of amazing characters!
This is quite the interesting conundrum. I'm excite to see how this plays out. Bully may be going home sooner than expected.

By the way Shaega, that thing your describing? It's called being a sociopath. I'm sure he was cursed or something, I'm assuming his story will slowl unravel itself.

Dustin reminds me a lot of Mac, which will be...interesting to say the least. And of course Sylvia is just being a genuine queen looking for Billy. What a great bunch of characters this season has got! Truly don't want to see a larger majority of them go.

And in Shaega's confessional his hand appears to be extremely close to fire. Not only can he not feel emotion, he can't feel any physical pain! XD
I KNEW BILLY WAS GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH XERADONUS!!! Bully actually looked extremely cute, which I hate to say about a minion but I have to say it. I think we may have just been introduced into what will was to the supers losing challenges aswell. Paranoia, Anger, Fear, and Despair.