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@Guest: definitely! I'm aiming for an update before 5th of february, and then bimonthly updates. Can't say for absolute certain though. I've been going through some pretty shitty and busy times for the past few months. But the comic is continuing, fear not!
@Tepig16: thank you!<3
@jayseesall: Green would never tell, he knows Red is quiet for a reason and respects that like a good friend!
@kestral: Thank you very much<333
@Dragongirl101: Raichu clearly cannot resist cute Pikachu, as proven in this page ; D

Red and Green are something alright!
@Sail-to-Me: Thank you so much for the feedback! No need to apologize, it makes me feel appreciated and validated when people take the time to leave such a thoughtful comment :3 I'm very glad you like this comic!! It always makes me incredibly happy when people can relate or just generally are happy about queer characters because as a queer author one of my goals for this comic was to include a diverse group of characters without stereotyping or falling into the tragic gay trope, but just celebrating queer characters! If you're interested in other Nuzlocke comics with NB/genderfluid protags, I can warmly recommend Aerorwen's comics The Fall and From Grace, and Mewitti's Alterity!

It warms me greatly to hear you've been inspired by my comic and I wish you all the best<3
@enamis: actually, I'm glad to hear that! Some of it will be made a lil clearer very soon :3
Sorry for my inactivity in the recent month - regular updates (every other Saturday) will commence, next one being 14.10.!
@Mystic Fire: dsfsdfsd thank you so much??? If it helps, I update every other Saturday (though the comic was on hiatus just now) <3<3
@Dragongirl101: thank you, he tries his best! ;3
@EonFive: Thank you so much<3
@Dragongirl101: Des is 23 and identifies as nonbinary, so their pronouns are they/them :3 I've left their specific identity a little bit unclear so readers can decide for themselves/identify with Des a bit more, but in my head they're assigned male at birth and identify as genderfluid. Hope that clears stuff up! Most of this is expanded upon on deviantart and my tumblr but not so much on here.
@troblsomtwins829: Des needs fur to keep them warm through the winter!! ;o;
@NaoFaria: yeah, I don't think shaving would be the first thing on their minds during a trek through the wilderness ; D
Takes places in between pages 47 - 51!
Hello! I'm very excited to announce the first QnA for the comic! It will be answered in the traditional Nuzlocke illustrated form typa thing.

You can ask questions from any of the characters mentioned above - Desmond, team Rosa (all of Des' current Pokémon), Red, Green and Mercy, as well as Nova and his companions (Mother and Senza), and last but not least Bill and Squishy. All questions are welcome, but please don't feel upset if your question doesn't get picked - I will be keeping it PG, and won't be answering any questions I feel are too revealing, spoilery or uncomfortable. Other than that, go nuts!

(questions to the author are also welcome!)

You can comment your questions here. Please specify who the question is aimed at!
@fellow: I'm really glad you like it! My biggest goal for this comic is simply just to draw people in and enjoy the characters, so it makes me happy to hear I've succeeded :3 thank you for the comment!
@pixiekid123: Technically Mercy has been the "in-game" rival since the beginning - Green appears only in this comic and had nothing to do with the actual Nuzlocke run :3
@Fillerr: I'm very glad to hear that!
@Glite32: Nope! They're nonbinary.