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im all about pokemon
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@Matthew: I don't make it a point to make it explicitly clear, because romance isn't my focus in this comic ;3c
@gamerblackjacket: oh nooooo! :D
@Pichu 250: she will be missed! who knows, maybe we'll get to see her again...?
@Koal: My nuzlocke rules only apply to my actual gameplay! Lexi actually died in-game in the rival battle in Cerulean city. I kind of incorporated that when she got burnt in the comic by Flynn the charmander, but it was a very bad place pacing-wise to have her "die" in-comic. So I bided my time.
@ZavienF: I want to explore different solutions! Knives actually dying really changed Desmond as a trainer and I feel showing the in-game deaths as in-comic deaths would really quickly change the mood of the comic into a direction I'm not really ready to explore yet. Des needs to grow still, and Knives' death was a really big factor in how Des let themself get closer to their Pokémon.
@Mystic Fire: oh god I don't know if I should be sorry?? I'm glad you liked it???
@Kattra: you are both right! :'''D There were so many stripes on this page, lineart-me remembered to do them but color-me did not.
@Mystic Fire: She's not! Just a black kitty.
@Pichu 250: Seth can't be there for the lineup, he's busy canoodling...
@WriterRaven: Thank you for saying so<3 hehee yes it is!
Hey! My hiatus is now over. I'll start off with monthly updates until I can build up a buffer enough for bimonthly.

Happy pride month!
@Guest: I'm updating before the end of the month! (because it's pride month, which, well, fits the mood of the comic...)
@Guest: definitely! I'm aiming for an update before 5th of february, and then bimonthly updates. Can't say for absolute certain though. I've been going through some pretty shitty and busy times for the past few months. But the comic is continuing, fear not!
@Tepig16: thank you!<3
@jayseesall: Green would never tell, he knows Red is quiet for a reason and respects that like a good friend!
@kestral: Thank you very much<333
@Dragongirl101: Raichu clearly cannot resist cute Pikachu, as proven in this page ; D

Red and Green are something alright!
@Sail-to-Me: Thank you so much for the feedback! No need to apologize, it makes me feel appreciated and validated when people take the time to leave such a thoughtful comment :3 I'm very glad you like this comic!! It always makes me incredibly happy when people can relate or just generally are happy about queer characters because as a queer author one of my goals for this comic was to include a diverse group of characters without stereotyping or falling into the tragic gay trope, but just celebrating queer characters! If you're interested in other Nuzlocke comics with NB/genderfluid protags, I can warmly recommend Aerorwen's comics The Fall and From Grace, and Mewitti's Alterity!

It warms me greatly to hear you've been inspired by my comic and I wish you all the best<3
@enamis: actually, I'm glad to hear that! Some of it will be made a lil clearer very soon :3