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im all about pokemon
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@Ark the Glaceon: Des is not a girl! :3
@Pichu 250: can't resist some good battlin'!
@?: thank you so much<333 you are very cool also!!
Next update 9.3.!
@Mystic Fire: (i'm sorry that just made me laugh) but I mean she has a female mate, I don't know what that makes her, but she's happy!
@meowchi75: and this comment almost made me cry ;;; <3
@Bealoreas: Thank you! It means a lot<3
@Jurmala: Thank you so much!! I'm back, and hopefully will be more active for the foreseeable future!
@Mystic Fire: she's a Bulbasaur!
Hi! Sorry for the long absence!

I have a LOT of stuff in the works regarding this comic, but in the meantime, have this - it's a conversation I've had written down for a long time, as an afterthought, but I feel like this was a perfect moment to actually include it. I've been itching to get more into Rosa's background for a while.

Expect a new page in early February, along with some other good stuff!! <3
@Matthew: I don't make it a point to make it explicitly clear, because romance isn't my focus in this comic ;3c
@gamerblackjacket: oh nooooo! :D
@Pichu 250: she will be missed! who knows, maybe we'll get to see her again...?
@Koal: My nuzlocke rules only apply to my actual gameplay! Lexi actually died in-game in the rival battle in Cerulean city. I kind of incorporated that when she got burnt in the comic by Flynn the charmander, but it was a very bad place pacing-wise to have her "die" in-comic. So I bided my time.
@ZavienF: I want to explore different solutions! Knives actually dying really changed Desmond as a trainer and I feel showing the in-game deaths as in-comic deaths would really quickly change the mood of the comic into a direction I'm not really ready to explore yet. Des needs to grow still, and Knives' death was a really big factor in how Des let themself get closer to their Pokémon.
@Mystic Fire: oh god I don't know if I should be sorry?? I'm glad you liked it???
@Kattra: you are both right! :'''D There were so many stripes on this page, lineart-me remembered to do them but color-me did not.