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April 11th, 2017
Oh my gosh Amanda, there's so much to say! This is such a creative webcomic premise! I love the whole demon theme, not just the character designs but the backgrounds as well as the decoration choices. I can see why this must be so much fun to draw! As for characters... I definitely have to say Orion's my favorite, closely followed by Enon. (His name makes me laugh though because his name reminds me of the shitty oil company Enron, lol.) Anyway, I would really like to praise you on your comedic talent. Your webcomics always make me laugh so much.I'll be really interested to see where you're going with this story. I look forward to it! :)
@amanduur: Hey, I'm so glad I got a reply from you before I left for school! I sent you a PM with the whole fanfiction. I really hope you enjoy it! ^-^
boyfriend = "I kissed Hiro and then he started stalking me and we started making out at my house and then he gave me an awkward hand job and then I started stalking him and now I want to make out with him not for experimentation but because I actually really like him so I need you to back the fuck up"
I seriously love this comic, it's my favorite. I seriously check for an update every day, even when I know there won't be. I'm so obsessed and I think you're really great! <3 This update made me so excited I just re-read the whole comic for like the 50th time! Thank you so much! Karma will repay you for all the happiness you've brought to your readers' lives! ^-^
Also, I wrote a fanfiction about our favorite boys! I thought it might lift your spirits since you've been having a hard time recently. I would love to share it with you if you'd like. Just tell me what platform you would prefer. :)
I just want to say I've been reading this webcomic for about a year and I'm sorry I never comment.I don't know what to say usually, but I just wanted to let you know that I love this webcomic so much and I look forward to the update every week! Your art is really beautiful and clean and I admire your work very much! I also think you have a wonderful sense of humor, thank you for making so many people smile! <3
September 25th, 2016
Eri, you're back! On a whim, I decided to check if you had updated and to my delight, a few updates were awaiting me! Thank you so much for coming back to this project! Don't feel bad for not updating regularly or taking breaks. This webcomic is for fun, it's not your life. I can't even imagine the disciple it must take to make a webcomic! I just want to point out that you are super amazing and I appreciate your work very much. ^-^
Awww Maki's seme-senses are tingling! Yes, your sweet little uke is very worried about you Maki! Gosh this is driving me crazy! Eyelashes is a bad dude. I can feel it! Gahhhh, please update soon eri, but more importantly be sure to enjoy summer! It's finally here! :D
Oh my gosh this plot development is so good I'm dying! Ugh, Kuri-senpai Eyelashes is stealing your man you got to let him know that you care! Ahhhhh, I was so proud of Maki for refusing to go out with Eyelashes and sticking up for his love, but then Eyelashes evil-y persuaded the oblivious little Money-chan! DX Ugh and now we're finally seeing Kuri's side and he's so worried and being so sweet and so uke-y oh my gosh like I can't even handle that he already called him and is so worried just oh my gosh. (Damn, I'm getting ramble-y, I apologize!)

Anyway, I am so so sorry that I haven't been able to reply as of late! Finals have been killing me, man. DX But, I graduate in a couple days so yay! Hopefully, I'll be able to stay up to date on my favorite webcomic now! ^-^ Keep up the amazing work, eri!
Awwwwwwww Blush-y Maki!!! (Oooo it rhymes! XD) The coloring is super fab, you did an awesome job- as you always do! Also this is probably really random but you did a really nice job on their ears! Haha that probably sounds so weird, but it's kind of hard to draw and you just did such a splendid job of them I just had to point it out! :3 I can't wait to see what happens in this next chapter eri-senpai! I just know it will be as imaginative and lovable as ever!
OH DAMN ERI-SENPAI THAT FRAME OF EYELASHES IS SO GORGEOUS LIKE I CAN'T EVEN BREATHE (My name's Leah by the way. I'm pretty sure you're not a pedophile so I think I'm safe in telling you that. XD) This basically proves that Eyelashes is going to use Maki in some way! He's either trying to lure Maki away from Kuri or he's trying to break Kuri's heart or maybe both! Eyelashes manipulating stupid boys' feelings isn't nice! D:
Yes Maki you are extremely adorable! And dang eri-senpai you did a really good job with the anatomy and the expressions! Ahhh seriously that panel of embarrassed/crying Maki is perf~! Also can I just say how sweet it is that Maki is not falling for Eyelashes? That really goes to show that he really does have feelings for Kuri! Honestly, I think this could be the first time Maki's ever ACTUALLY been in love! Awwwwwwwwww!!!! Right in the feels!!!
Eyelashes, also known as Mr. Steal-Your-Man. Damnnnn that's below the belt! ...And Maki would probably fall for it that little ham he can't help himself! Oh man, like I don't even know what Kuri is going to do! (I still hope it's be a jealous little uke~~) Gosh, this is getting pretty intense. Eyelashes is like a fox using his cleverness to capture a... special monkey. XD (What does the fox say?!) Oh gosh, I am sorry I'm done I promise!

Anyway, thank you for another lovely update! That frame with the flashback Kuri and Eyelashes (I am never going to learn his real name XD) was such a nice touch! Also Maki is looking cute as ever! I thought I should just point that out since everyone's been fangirling about Eyelashes. We still notice you too Maki! ...At least I do. >.>
Well, my asshole alert just went off on Eyelashes. There are plenty of explanations why Kuri wouldn't have kissed Maki! (Nervous, dislikes PDA, asexual, not technically dating yet, want to confirm feels first, etc.) Eyelashes quick jump to 'he doesn't like you' shows his bias that he himself wants that outcome. If he was really someone trying to support Maki he would have at least tried to comfort him even if he did believe Kuri didn't like him anymore his answer was far too cold. Then the fact comes that he already knows who Kuri is and all the warning signs go off that he has personal interest. (I'm guess in Kuri.) Where the Hell is Kuri by the way? He's either coming in any second or he's majorly checking his feelings right now. Gosh I want to see his POV so muchhhhhh! Anyway, thank you so so much eri-senpai! I'm really glad that you appreciate my feedback even though it's often very ramble-y. You're the sweetest mangaka ever! :D
Literally I can just see Kuri tackle Maki with a hug right now and telling him not to cry. Oh please Yaoi gods!!! And oh my gosh I am so proud of Maki right now! He actually remembered that he liked Kuri!! *claps* Key word 'kind of', Maki! Don't just jump to conclusions please we all know Kuri likes you back he just doesn't realize it yet just wait a little bit or put the moves on him yourself oh my goshhhhhhh.

Thank you so much for the update, eri-senpai! Seriously, this comic is so amazing and puts a smile on everyone's face. You truly have a gift. :)
Oh my gosh I almost died at the "banana nape" part. Literally I just. XD Also that panel where Maki is blushing and thinking "My banana!" ...I totally did not have dirty thoughts. Nope.

I'd really like to see Kuri-senpai walk in right now and be a jealous uke. I really think he might come in since Maki ran off so fast he's probably worried and ran off after him like a sweetie while Maki's all off falling for the next hunk of meat he bumps into seriously... Maki child- check yourself. *z snaps*

Anyway, thank you very, very much for the update like always! But try not to overwork yourself, be sure to get plenty of sleep. We care about your physical and mental health, you know!

(I apologize for my use of all caps. I'm just 1000% done with Maki's shit right now.) Anyway~ Thank you eri-senpai for the update! I can tell you put some time into the first panel and just to let you know- he looks awesome! (Still though I'm getting a bad vibe from this dude because of his earlier intro. I'm sensing he's going to be a back-stabbing bitch to Maki, probably over Kuri... Nooooooo! My babies! D:) As always, thank you for posting Maki's shenanigans it brightens up everyone's day! Especially mine!!! ^-^
I SWEAR TO GOODNESS MAKI IF YOU FALL FOR THIS NEW KID...! I can see it dammit! Maki why you got to be so wishy-washy senpai likes you, you just don't understand that even though he's senpai he's actually more inclined to be the uke than you ya dummy!!! (Wow, it's come to the point where I am yelling at a fictional character what has my life become? XD)

Author-senpai! I can't believe you updated again! Are you like half robot or something? (Perhaps the lovechild of Leonardo Da Vinci and a transformer?) I mean how do you draw so fast? I don't understand! Like the time it takes you to make 5 pages for this comic I would still be working on the outline of a face. XD Gosh, I can't get over how amazing you are seriously! Thank you so much for another wonderful update!!!
WOW SENPAI IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! (I love how like all the comments are blaming Kuri. #nosympathyforsenpai XD). And it's okay I don't blame you for no kisses! It was worth it for the "Senapi, you big dumbass!" line. Oh my gosh, that is literally my favorite line ever. XD Thank you for a double update! You're uh... uh... (running out of amazing adjectives) the supercalifragilisticexpialidociest!:D
I swear, Maki's going to freaking kiss Kuri! I know it! I feel it! I made a sacrifice to the yaoi gods for it! It's going to happen! Maki is going to seme up!!!

Also, thank you so much for updating so frequently! My goodness I feel so spoiled!!! Plus you always reply to my comments which is super cool! Gah, seriously you're the best!!
SENPAI WHY ARE YOU SO NERVOUS? Also Maki's face is the best thing I've ever seen in my freaking life. Kuri how could you resist such a face? Literally impossible. Also THOSE ROSES!!!! They're so beautiful I want to cry! ;-;

Why do I feel like Senpai is going to take too long and impatient Maki is just going to kiss him himself? XD
I feel like Maki will be surprised Kuri actually fell for that. XD Hehe I can't wait for the next update!! Thank you for this awesomeness!! :D