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Please kiss. Please, please please!
August 10th, 2018
Time to share howie's pillow❤
I like how he said "most" of the catching lol
Ahhhhhhhhh sooooch! Howwwwwwiiiiiiieeee
id be freaking out too, hot or not thats creepy af
Awwwwww! But I do hope you enjoy your break, i just love this comic
Whoa wait is that THOR??????
I love the commander so much omg.
Hello commander.... maybe hed loke a human girl? lmao jk jk
The head rubs and smooch leaning into Howies touch ❤❤❤
Oh Sooch is gonna kill him. Or liam,is gonna try to hurt Sooch and Howies gonna jump right in. Or Liams gonna try to hurt Howie (emotionally) and Sooch is gonna kill him. Either way, the drama!
June 15th, 2018
He's jelly
Is my ugly squeak!
And he isn't staying in the bedroom, Luca, ugly squek is a baaaad influence, LOL
Ahhhh! Im so glad you posted though! I was worried you stopped the comic! I LOVE THIS COMIC!
Kiss him, lol! Beautiful art!
Yes, yes, that is what he wants.
April 17th, 2018
They knocked lol
Awww I would be very sad, too. But please let us know. I truly love this comic.