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CUTE D: <3
Level: 54
Race: Human
Class: Priest
Specialty: Healing, Holy Magic, Status Boosts
Weapon: Bible
Section: Aquila (Altair)
Bio: Angeletta is your quiet and unfriendly girl who tries to escape her life using online role playing games. In the game, she likes to be the mother/big sister figure to all the characters around her, and is very affectionate. She's very loving, probably too loving at times. Yeah, she'd still love you even if you slap her in the face and set her house on fire. Her family life was close to average, working parents and a stable household. But she wanted more out of her life. She wished for more excitement, adventure, something that gives her life meaning, which is why she plays loves and cherishes Constellatius like no other. It had the ability to carry out her wildest dreams.

I'm sorry for this just being a sketch. When I get my tablet back, a colored ref will be up as soon as possible. <3
This is such a cute comic~<3
Gahh~<3 I love how this is goinggg~
Beautiful pages soo far~<3

I can't wait to see what happens next. C:
Soo cute~<3
Awh he has a girlfriend! ; v ; LOL OTL;; <3
LMFAOO~ Oh joy<3 He sounds like a fun timmee. ;D -shot-
Age: ???
Race: Ghost/Spirit
Likes: Observing humans, playing with butterflies, Scaring anybody who comes off as vunerable, “love”, The sun, Water, Plants and Vegetation
Dislikes: Strong winds, Rainy days

Personality: Flutura is one who is very vivacious alone, but when in the presence of other creatures will reduce her actions to nods of her head. Sweet, and almost like a grandmother, she is rarely expressing anger. But she is a shady character as behind every smile lies ill intentions.

Bio: Flutura has the job of being some sort of a reaper. She takes the souls of dead children and the innocent and reincarnates them into butterflies. She has 2 sisters who do the same as her(they won't be in this comic but she may speak of them.) She treats humans like guinea pigs, observing them and following their love lives as a personal hobby.
FFF Filipina's unite~!<3 Emi's a little white washed so she doesn't know how to speak Tagalog, but she can understand it. OTL;;
Star:...Oh hohoho~

Koneko: Yus. :D

Sekoshi: Sure~ If you want. XDD
Star: 7 o' clock? :O?

Koneko: Both GMs are already posted. xD
The last hacker, woop woop! ;D AND YAY POMPOUS BUTTFACEE<33


Age: ??
Race: Human
Class: Hacker, yo. C:
Personality: He's very egotistical, narcissistic, and just an overall arrogant ass. :D And he loves it. Casimir is not only in love with himself, but in love with everything destructive. He's also loves pushing people around to do his dirty work. What a slave driver. :D
Biography: Casimir gets a kick out of causing distress to large amount of people, so hacking into an MMORPG was just an amazing thrill. With the help of his fellow hackers, they successfully shut down the game and are now hunted by the GMs. Being the leader of the hackers, he can't wait to inflict more damage on the game.
Jem: Awwh, thank you. C:

Jay-tan: FFFOOOK JAA! -rolls in her own Filipina...ness- And thank you~<33

00AzNpr1d300: Srsly, Filipinos rool. LOL

XXPAXX: Awh thank youuu and, maybe at first. I'm sure she can warm up to him -wink wink shot- <3

Non: Thanks. ;//A//;

ProjectTokyo:...o v o;;

Princessai16: Tyty<333
Awhh, he's adorable~! <33
Emi Bagaoisan Moreno
Age: 16 yrs. old
Race: Human
Likes: Interacting with people, Spontaneity, Boys, Eating, Boys, Scarves, Spending time with friends, did I mention boys?
Dislikes: Her ability to see 'things', bitter foods.
Personality: Just your average social butterfly, who tries to be the boss when in a group of people. Emi is very immature, and flirtatious when it comes to...anybody in particular. She also speaks her mind, even if it might hurt the ones around her. She is very loving despite everything else, and usually is overbearingly trusting with humans.
Bio: Emi can also see this 'other world' so to speak, but she is deathly afraid of it; thus the lack of interaction with it. When she sees a demon, she'll break into a mad sprint in some other direction just to avoid it. She just wants to be 'normal' and can't accept the fact that she can see these things.

Then she meets Chiyo, and her life seemed to be even more filled with supernatural phenomenon.

Other: She's Filipino, yo! CC;<33
December 30th, 2008
So cute! Damn bears ruining everybody's good time. o u o
Hur hur, I promise the next page will be better because it's going to be done in Photoshop now. 8D ...Rebi was supposed to finish this before Christmas...*FAIL*
December 28th, 2008
LMFAO! Omg, it does doesn't it. ; u ;
We'll just say it's a manly bra? 8D *failz*

I'm going to put updated pictures of my characters anyway, so I'll fix that. 83;;;
Uhhh, you won't understand this if you weren't there. xD;; DANIEL'S EATING MOTO'S FACE AGAIN! D:<
Nya, behold free-handed manga panels. They have no straight lines. = A = *fails*

Don't mind the random white dots, my scanner is on the fritz. D: