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Hey i'm Carrot and I draw nuzlocke comics.
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Here we go folks, we're going into FULL PLOT MODE.

Sasha continues to be a passive hero, Cheren continues to be a cop, and Bianca and N continue to be agents on chaos.
so this is probably the shortest amount of time between gym battles. Which is great, it feels like we're making progress.

I think this is also the first time everyone on the team has a line of dialogue! Inclusivity yaaaaay
rWe're back with the gijinka train, this time its Eliza.

As opposed to her rustic BFF, Eliza is a lazy, freeloading city-suburban girl who chopped down her hair around the same time she got those sunglasses.

The next page is done, but I'm gonna give it a week so I can space out these updates a bit.
A spicy, but delicate, but exciting, but atmospheric, update of For Victory!

...nah, there's just many jokes in this one.
"VS. Skyla" smh she hardly appears in this one

anyway I'm just skirting by with that "hiatus" status like bitch give me some time god
I've been waiting for this particular comic for a LONG time.
Amazing, I uploaded a page merely 3 weeks after the last one instead of 5!
Click here for music!

Here we are, in the year 2017, with a Hamilton reference.

I didn't get the idea to make this a musical update until pretty recently. I...honestly can't remember what I was going to do with this update before.

What's that Litwick up to? Find out next time in like a month or so :P
Nearly 2 years later, I updated these guys!! Patty is pretty much the same, but Leif looks much more normal, having a simple overcoat instead of that weird cloak from before.
Heck yeah i've been waiting for this one.

We got Amanda's gijinka! Sasha's pokesona! And I even updated Patty and Leif's gijinkas, so go check those out!!
hey remember those glory days where I uploaded once a week. damn those were awesome.

anyway, next time we get out of this cave, and MORE GIJINKAS!
And this is exactly how it went down.

For Victory!'s anniversary falls on April 4th, and I didn't remember until the 8th. Which is honestly the worst. I am honestly the worst. But better late than never.

Chargestone Cave Part 2 is coming up slowly, but it will come up soon
Hey look, more gijinkas! I long time ago I said I'd only do gijinkas of the fully evolved pokemon, I sure didn't think it would take so long to get to these guys!

Mateo is a tiny, 20-something hotshot who thinks he's a lady killer but really most people just...tolerate him.

Adar is an orphaned wild child who never really fit into modern society. She helps travelers traverse the Desert Resort in exchange for food and clothing and a place to sleep.
Sorry for the wait! February was a killer month. And sorry for Chargestone Cave being split up into 2 parts, but its probably the biggest dungeon of the game! And yes, Cans really did die like, immediately. I'M A GOOD TRAINER I SWEAR
With a cameo by no ones favorite author: me!
You might remember Clyde and Puddles from "Three New Teammates" and Lillian, the Petilil, is from "VS. Bianca's Father"!
Sacrificing humor for the sake of ACTION!
Sailor Moon and Xiaolin Showdown: the only crossover that matters.
This is just some bonus art I unexpectantly whipped up. While it's never stated in-comic, Sasha hails from Floraroma Town, Sinnoh. Guess you can say he's a...flower child?? :L

...Update coming very soon.
Remember when I ran a nuzlocke comic? I sure don't.