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Hey i'm Carrot and I draw nuzlocke comics.
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    Just call me Carrot
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Here it is, the very final page of For Victory! A Pokemon White Nuzlocke. Landing on a not-so-even 61 pages. How is everyone doing? Having a good day? I'm having a great day. Sasha is having an amazing day! It's his birthday, yknow. June 8th is his birthday. If the pokemon world's calander corresponds with our calander, then he would be turning 17 today. It's not his birthday in the comic, however. While the characters rarely mentioned the passage of time, the story started at the beginning of summer (on Sasha's birthday, of course) and ended around the beginnig of fall, around mid-September. Now that sasha is done adventurin', that little gremlin can finally go back to school. Sasha can't be champion or anything, since he ripped up his trainer card and disowned all his pokemon. But hey, living a quiet life in Nuvema Town is victory enough, imo. There's no shame in changing your goals.

So what happens next? Well, I'm NOT doing a sequel or anything (though I'll admit, I have thought about it...maybe I'll show you my old ideas for it later). And I'm NOT planning on doing a another nuzlocke run anytime soon, comic or otherwise. I still play nuzlockes, but I don't record them, sorry.

I have a few other nuzlocke runs I've done in the past: Summer Blues, an incomplete event run, which also started exactly 4 years ago, and RAINBOW COLLECTION, a short run written entirely in haikus. Both can be found on the nuzlocke forums, so go check those out if you like my style of writing. If you want to see more of my art, follow me on twitter or tumblr (I'm carrotchipper on both). I'm thinking of doing an original webcomic next, but that wont be for a long while.

As always, thank you for following along with Sasha and Amanda and their long, winding trial to achieve whatever victory they can. You have been a wonderful, all-too-forgiving audience. Your kindness towards Sasha Merigold has changed him for the better.
Finally. After 4 years, Victini is relevant to the story.

This is the second-to-last page of the comic. I'll try to have the finale up as soon as I possible can. Thank you for your support and patience.
Hey! This is the second page I'm uploading today. Click back to see Part 1 of the battle.

I've been waiting four years for this.

I have a lot to say about these two pages, so lets get into it, shall we?

So imagine you're me, playing through the nuzlocke. The whole entire endgame has been surprisingly easy. You suffered a few close calls, but no one has died yet. You start to wonder how you're going to end the comic. Will it be triumphant? What will the characters learn? Should we try to battle Alder? And you finally get to the Ghetsis battle and the game promptly drops the most perfect ending you could've imagined: Amanda's death. and not even by Hydreigon, but by a random crit hit from the Bisharp. Fun fact: Amanda was the only pokemon I equipped with Retaliate, but in the end she was the only one who couldn't use it HA.

I was ECSTATIC when this happened. What are the chances of the single most important pokemon in the story dying at the end boss (well, its ghetsis, but still...)? It's the ultimate blow to Sasha's anti-pokemon attitude, taking away the pokemon he cared for the most. AND IT ALL HAPPENED BY ACCIDENT LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

I gave a lot of thought to the way I was going to present these pages. Some things, like the way Bisharp climbs over Hydreigon to jump, have always been in my mind. Other things, like Part 2 not having panels, only came up when I started to draw it. I also considered not uploading these pages together, but I thought a cliffhanger would've been too cruel.

The battle isn't exactly like how it went down in-game, so here's the battle log:

Thunderbutt vs. Cofagrigus: dragon breath spam/toxic and shadow ball spam, eventually switched to Eliza to finish off with crunch. So TB was present in the battle, but for a very short time.
Amanda vs. Hydreigon: dragon pulse/dragon tail, dragged out Bisharp.
Amanda vs. Bisharp: surf/dark slash crit hit KO. Amanda dies early on in the fight.
Adar vs. Bisharp: fire punch KO.
Jude vs. Bouffalant: storm throw/head charge - the recoil KOs Bouff.
Adar vs. Hydreigon: surf (Adar's in the red)/hammer arm crit hit KO! Sweet revenge!
Mateo vs. Seismatoad: earthquake/grass knot x2 KO.
Eliza vs. Eelektross: Eel alternates acrobatics/flamthrower while Eliza alternated dragon claw/healing til Eliza wins. and yeah there was one earthquake due to Eel's levitate.

The next page is a pretty long one, and I don't have much done for it, so it might be awhile. Just two more pages, though! We're almost there!
Hey! This is the first part of today's update. Click next to see Part 2 of the battle!
Me for the past four years: OMG I can't wait for the reveal that N is a nuzlocke!

Me now: …… anyway
April 4th marked For Victory!'s 4th anniversary! Wow!!! I really didn't think I would be doing this for that long! That said, I only have 5 pages left to do, so I'm 99.9% I'll be finished by the 5th anniversary. I've finished the sketches for the last five pages, and now they're all in various states of completion:

Page 57: 80% done (needs backgrounds)
Page 58: 10% done (sketch only)
Page 59: 90% done (easy page!)
Page 60: 20% done (needs lineart/color/background)
Page 61: 10% done (sketch only)
Thanks for waiting guys, here's the thrilling second part of the castle infiltration!
Merry Chrissism, Santa brought yall a new For Victory! update, and brought me out of my hiatus.

(reupload because I forgot the entire title asknijhk;)

Sorry it took so long to get these out. I started university recently, so obviously that took a lot of my time. Handwriting ALL THIS DIALOGUE was also took up a lot of time. I imagine the next page will not take 2 months to get published. speaking of which, we're in the final stretch baby! just 8 or so more pages! Please enjoy the rest of the journey, its not much longer now C:
That is not an exaggeration. It literally took 4 turns.

The next update is the QnA! I was planning on releasing it all at once, so please hang tight as I finish it up :>
Sorry for the delay on this one! I was haunted by an evil entity...a LACK OF MOTIVATION.
Its the first of the E4 battles! yaaaaaay

This was fun to draw, but not quite as fun as the Q&A. Which im planning on posting after the E4 battles but before N's Castle. So look forward to that!
Let's see what the Harmonias are up to, shall we?

ONE LAST REMINDER: the ask box closes MONDAY JUNE 18th, so if you have free time this weekend, consider dropping off a question for someone in the cast!
Here are the team's stats I had before stepping into the Elite 4! Plus some made up stats for Sasha.

Reminder that i'm still taking questions for the Q&A! For the next two weeks! You can submit questions here:

That's right! For the next month i'll be collecting questions for a Q&A! I'm planning on posting the Q&A comics during or after the Elite 4 battle comics. Thank you, and have fun! :)

Also, thank you for all comments on the last page!! I'm glad you guys "enjoyed" it as much as I did.

For the next update I'll be opening the QnA, so look out for that!
The second musical update! Here's a link to the music:

I have a lot to say about this update so if you want check out my notes on the forum: