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Hey i'm Carrot and I draw nuzlocke comics.
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    Just call me Carrot
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Thanks for waiting guys, here's the thrilling second part of the castle infiltration!
Merry Chrissism, Santa brought yall a new For Victory! update, and brought me out of my hiatus.

(reupload because I forgot the entire title asknijhk;)

Sorry it took so long to get these out. I started university recently, so obviously that took a lot of my time. Handwriting ALL THIS DIALOGUE was also took up a lot of time. I imagine the next page will not take 2 months to get published. speaking of which, we're in the final stretch baby! just 8 or so more pages! Please enjoy the rest of the journey, its not much longer now C:
That is not an exaggeration. It literally took 4 turns.

The next update is the QnA! I was planning on releasing it all at once, so please hang tight as I finish it up :>
Sorry for the delay on this one! I was haunted by an evil entity...a LACK OF MOTIVATION.
Its the first of the E4 battles! yaaaaaay

This was fun to draw, but not quite as fun as the Q&A. Which im planning on posting after the E4 battles but before N's Castle. So look forward to that!
Let's see what the Harmonias are up to, shall we?

ONE LAST REMINDER: the ask box closes MONDAY JUNE 18th, so if you have free time this weekend, consider dropping off a question for someone in the cast!
Here are the team's stats I had before stepping into the Elite 4! Plus some made up stats for Sasha.

Reminder that i'm still taking questions for the Q&A! For the next two weeks! You can submit questions here:

That's right! For the next month i'll be collecting questions for a Q&A! I'm planning on posting the Q&A comics during or after the Elite 4 battle comics. Thank you, and have fun! :)

Also, thank you for all comments on the last page!! I'm glad you guys "enjoyed" it as much as I did.

For the next update I'll be opening the QnA, so look out for that!
The second musical update! Here's a link to the music:

I have a lot to say about this update so if you want check out my notes on the forum:
And thus, everyone on the team has a gijinka! Jude may (or may not) be the last gijinka I have to do :0

Human Jude is a strong, independent martial arts master who don't need no man. Well, "martial arts master" might be a bit of a stretch, but he knows how to hit stuff and cause pain. He's quiet and courteous, quickly earning the respect of his teammates.
This was suppose to go up yesterday BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TIME 'WORKS APPARENTLY.

But yeah. Hooray! Three years! Hopefully the comic will be done by the fourth anniversary!

Thank y'all for the support and comments and favorites you guys have given the comic the past three years. Even though its not the best nuzlocke comic ever, I appreciate the time everyone has spent reading it. Here's to another 15 more pages or so (ovo)b
Only kids can understand kids.

Jude may not have gotten a flashy introduction, but he's pulling his weight in battle!
Ey you know its been a while since we killed off a character.
Happy Valentines Day! This page actually has some romance in it which, believe it or not, I did not plan for that to happen :0

Also, thank you for all the great comments recently! Idk why but i get the biggest response here on smackjeeves, and i gotta thank yall for that ;w;
Gee Sasha, you made deals with TWO different organization leaders?
When I saw that video I knew I'd have to draw this eventually. This video, specifically:

I got a new tablet and a new art program, so that's why it looks a little different. Might take awhile to work out the kinks but we'll get there!