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Inspired by manga and the webcomic community; Joichi wished to see more diverse and inclusive teen stories and all age comics by poc creators accessible to the public. So these comics are her challenges to add to that list. Other hobbies are sewing toys or items and occasional cosplay.
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@ninaqueenbee: Thank you for understanding. Yes, I'm slowly getting used to the new schedule.
There has been a delay, but Soul Guardian will be updating again soon.
Early upload, here is Part 2 of the Tent scene and a first awakening.
@TotesNotKeali: I agree...

(haha washed out colour palette xD)
Hi, this is the author; thanks again for reaching out to ask me. I have been wondering about that same problem. I'll try to fix that, as I'm attempting to get comments to work
For Free-Comic-Book Day here's a new page update early! A mysterious cloaked guardian helps our lead.
New Colorist
I have start hiring a budding colorist along. So this page is thanks to Maya for helping out.
I'm a new author and started my first official comic. The previous chapter can be read on my website: I want to begin something fresh
Aww I love that line from Mr Darling, it would be nice to spread it out to empathize that saying. Showing how it means to him. Right before the next panel where Wendy runs off to find the missing bottle.
Haha, I can see where Michael inherit that little temper from.
Here he comes!
I like this rather mysterious shot. That grin!
OMG THAT'S WHAT I've always wanted to shout whenever the sidekick gets taken hostage like; why can't you defend yourself?
Saw you at TCAF!
Hello, I picked up a postcard and followed your work to here. It's beautiful and I'm glad I stumble upon your lovely artwork. I was in a hurry but I'll love to support your works.