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Shadari Draconis
Feel free to message me, though please state who you are first. Otherwise I can and WILL bock you.

Anyway, about me. I'm a freak, fox freak that is. I like my foxes ^^. I enjoy video games, though I don't play them a lot. I like to write, and am going to be studying for a degree in creative writing.
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Pokemon is still fine, gameplay wise it's pretty much the same as it's always been. Sure, they're going to keep adding pokemon until the mass majority of JAPAN (Note Japan, not the whiny minority of America) calls for Pokemon to stop being made.

Personally, I look forward to the new generation to see what new pokemon are going to be added. Why? Because I like the creative aspect of the pokemon.

Sure, I may not agree or even like some of the things they've done (Can't get much worse than Bidoof or Bibarel), but they've kept the basic formula the same and it still works. People of ALL ages (Though mostly kids and people who grew up with pokemon) still are buying the games. Your reasons as to why it's still being sold AND MAKING MONEY are shallow and uninformed. Now if you don't have something nice to say about pokemon instead of being an idiot and ranting about things you can't change (Which, in any case, would classify you with most Americans, whining and doing nothing.) I suggest you leave.
lolz at Koopa's expression on the B-Bill
eheheheheheheheheh... I love it.
Poor Boltz... being a generally shy person, I can completely sympathise with him.
I think the moral of the story is more 'don't look for the 'stash' to begin with'
I approve of the new buttons
People at tech support rarely believe my problems anyway, so I doubt if I got a Digimon stuck in my screen they'd be surprised.
Yay, an actual comic!, though I do have to admit finding a naked girl bound to a cross is a little, how you say? Disturbing.
@Atomic dragon:
I'll see that and raise to twenty that he gets killed by the party.
I sense a rant coming on...
Did you make that digimon yourself?
Aww... poor puppy. Well at least it wasn't a kitty, then I might have cried.
YAYAYAY! You iz being back makith me happah!
I like the fuzzy rattata's, they're cute ^^
Aww... poor Jaws, getting separated from his father.
That is a good question, how long HAS he be standing there?
Love the concept, just don't go all Sonails on us and everything will be just chippy dory mmk?
I know who doesn't know who Zelda is! People who think Link is Zelda! ...Yay?