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How rude of Max! he could at least have turned into a Llama!
... they found that guy's grow field, didn't they?
typo in panel one, should be "this does actually look good on me." otherwise good page, conveys the impression well!
I just realized that EN looks like a more wholesome and 20-something version of Lucifer/Nick from Supernatural
oh gosh, they have to babysit a little-girl version of watterson's Calvin *with actual supernatural capabilities*. dear god they are either going to go insane from the chaos or have *so much fun*.
@Guest: no bet.
December 11th, 2018
it looks like a Darkspawn broodfather...
@FCM: oh it's totally going to be a bunny; it'll just be the dread beast of caerbannock.
*oh yes!* Irish Knockout fight FTW
@Guest: I'd think that's part of why Max is setting the bees on his gym teacher
but 'tis a *funny* stupid!
I'd go something Fae themed, as many interpretations have them with pointy ears and some give them small fangs to indicate how close they are to nature and that they're predators of their realm. Also, like *all* of them have extremely fair skin due to being born of Celtic myth originally
I want to say john is either Mega Man X, or Bob from ReBoot, and not the new one, the original CGI show. can't place Iris.
take what time you need, your comic is worth waiting for, and I have it on RSS. sort out what you have to and (hopefully) get a buffer before going back to updating.
oh no, she's shortly going to actually die, and we'll find out the reason for the comic name; that's it isn't it?
there's a reason Blue and Orange morality is a thing. this is one of those times where you need a way to describe the concept of a being with totally alien motivations and morals. I was thinking that Douglas was just an asshole, but now I'm thinking it's likely more complicated than that. the next page will tell.
so my prediction of how the plot shakes out in the end is that Gail and her crew end up having to take down Amber after she goes full Sith, lots of symbolism with the comic's name there, and frankly, Amber's already starting to get kinda "you're bad, that means I kill you; nothing else matters" regarding Gail. Gail's crew on the other hand, is very much a collection of people who are mostly what they are due to being lost in the cracks of society and having to have made hard choices because of that.
Oh, Gundam; good choice! that property tends to have some real good things to analyze about any given plot, mostly about one aspect or another regarding just how messed up war can get.
From the way Kaylee is blushing at the suggestion, I'd wager it actually is quite similar (having watched it in the entirety myself, there are some.... *awkward* moments in that series, especially if you were to watch it with mixed company) that being said, it's also very much an innocent love story (also, with the amount of fan content and referencing of other anime japan's media does, you're good with this kind of name dropping)