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Thou hast taunted the Killer Goose of Cearbannog, and thou hast paid the price!
I'm calling it now, we're getting more Asher.
Trigger is adorable, and his current brand of anxiety is very familiar (heck, in his position, I probably would have done the the creepy-ass stalking bit too) also, signs point to the beginnings of a real-life Nitpicker's Guild.
@Guest: yeah, this seems like it might be his little girlfriend's way of declaring her undying love.
February 16th, 2018
*welcome to the jam*
Is the first Panelist in "World Domination with *Style*" a reference to the villain in the Captain Proton scenarios that Tom Paris plays in Star Trek: Voyager?
is it just a style choice that the letterhead is the Hylian sigil, or is it that either the groom or bride is really into LoZ?
Typo in panel 2, confused should be confessed.
it's a ghatdam bunch of nasty pageant moms!
OMG, they've got a ReBoot poster!
you... might want to fix the unfortunately worded typo in panel 4.
@Scar23: that.. must have been mortifying.
Because OF COURSE the Best Friend's mind immediately jumps to the gutter....
I know Marvel Studios did one in Ant-Man ('14 or '15) it's still a used and what's more, *useful* mechanic to show someone unskilled getting better without using much screen-time.
and the last guy was a nervous wreck, stammered a lot, and they responded "Hello, Not Sure. We are Dad."
September 18th, 2017
It's dangerous to go alone; Take this!
@RazorD9: such a film already exists, it's a 2014 flick called Warm Bodies. I had the narmy pleasure of seeing it in the theater. sadly, the writing's about as good as the first twilight movie.
while I am aware that nothing we can say will magically snap you out of being depressed, I'm also aware that the encouragement helps a lot, so I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite comics, and that I'm always happy when there's an update. the characters feel like old friends that you've known forever, and ones that are well written enough to feel like somewhere out there, this is all really happening. I will every-so-often go and re-read the archives because the story is just so wonderful and heartwarming. you're doing great! keep a steady pace and you'll come through fine! (wow, I just quoted Kingdom Hearts there...)
Ok, I'm Calling It. They strike up a friendship based on mutual love/skill for cooking, and neither knows who the other really is (at least at first).