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is, is that izzy's van, just before an overhaul?
the Well Warden's design is very much influenced by the heartless and the nobodies from KH, and also a little bit of DBZ too I think.
Looks like the brother is a member of The Cult of Eru.
all I can think of in this page is "are those naturally orange, or did someone paint them?"
sweety nooo, don't eat the nice warm sweater!
especially not one you were just given...
oh god, that poor girl. :( Daz, I don't know how you do it, but for a split second as I saw the page I was *there* in the rain hearing her say that, my heart breaking, you magnificent bastard of a comicker you.
How rude of Max! he could at least have turned into a Llama!
... they found that guy's grow field, didn't they?
typo in panel one, should be "this does actually look good on me." otherwise good page, conveys the impression well!
I just realized that EN looks like a more wholesome and 20-something version of Lucifer/Nick from Supernatural
oh gosh, they have to babysit a little-girl version of watterson's Calvin *with actual supernatural capabilities*. dear god they are either going to go insane from the chaos or have *so much fun*.
@Guest: no bet.
December 11th, 2018
it looks like a Darkspawn broodfather...
@FCM: oh it's totally going to be a bunny; it'll just be the dread beast of caerbannock.
*oh yes!* Irish Knockout fight FTW
@Guest: I'd think that's part of why Max is setting the bees on his gym teacher
but 'tis a *funny* stupid!
I'd go something Fae themed, as many interpretations have them with pointy ears and some give them small fangs to indicate how close they are to nature and that they're predators of their realm. Also, like *all* of them have extremely fair skin due to being born of Celtic myth originally
I want to say john is either Mega Man X, or Bob from ReBoot, and not the new one, the original CGI show. can't place Iris.