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Minty Stars - HIATUS
Mari Bean - Coming soon.
Killing Reality - Coming soon.

Blackmailed- Goin' strong.
Twinkle Town- Just starting.
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Yes!! I am LOVING THIS! X)
September 13th, 2010
Panel 3- WOW. I gotta say, that's the most mature looking face of Liam I've ever seen. :V
I can't believe I missed all this. >_< D: I should've paid more attention.

Nice job, Natsuki! :) Now I know where to start from.
Thanks guys!! :)

Mayu- Yeah, I'd take a turn. :)
O_O Damn, I was absent for so long. But don't worry, I kept my eye on Twinkle Town.

Actually I was thinking of redoing my old pages... I've already got 2 pages done but I'm thinking of touching them up.

Since I haven't really had Isabella officially encounter Fran, I think the two would have a relationship like this:

Isabella would probably act awkward and annoyed around her since she greatly fears Francesca and Fran would see her as a reliable person..
February 19th, 2010
I'm sorry, but Liam is getting on my nerves now. :'(

I hope he repents at prom night. D: Those two need to be together.
Lol I love her hat! >v< I like your comics in pencil, it's amazing. Aww poor Sena. D:
November 26th, 2009
I love how you can see a very personal conversation on fb just like that. xD People are so dumb sometimes..
November 26th, 2009
LOL That's exactly what my english teacher calls facebook.
November 17th, 2009
LOL My dad thinks the same thing of me. xD
September 25th, 2009
Something similar like this happened to me once. T_T
I love Dulce's sly looks.
Oh shi-- She should've left!
Actually, I thought that she would be interrupted or something which is why I added hyphens at the end of her sentence. XD I understand why.

I love the old style!!
It's okay if you take a while, you gotta rest, right? Don't worry about it. ^v^ Get better though~!
Sorry, Mad, got a quick burst of an idea I had from Natsuki's pages and decided juuuust to upload one. ><;;

YESSS! That is right, people, Isabella would never submit to him! She stands by her beliefs and moralllls!
Isabella! OAO I wonder if her face will be shown.
Clirk's evil stare!!
Yess! Newww updates! >v<
Now he's never gonna let Daze in. WHYY?
One of my favorite expressions, might I add to your comment, Nickles. OvO