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and synagogue burning: Australia -- 120,000 Jews Ukraine -- 142,000 Jews
At 200,000 you will find widespread hatred of Jews, chronic terror attacks and ongoing anti-Jew warfare: Germany -- 220,000 Jews Argentina -- 250,000 Jews United Kingdom -- 350,000 Jews Canada -- 390,000 Jews
From 500,000 you may expect unfettered persecution by non-believers and other religions, sporadic establishments of Holocaust museums, use of Pentateuch as a weapon and loan interest, the tax placed on Gentiles: France -- 600,000 Jews Russia -- 800,000 Jews
3,000,000+ will usher in the establishment of a permanent Jewish state-- Hollywood-- where there's supposed to be peace because everybody is a Jew: Israel -- 5,600,000 Jews United States -- 6,150,000 Jews
Note from archiver: The first pasta is accurate, as of 29.03.2008, the second one is just a remake of it.
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An update? :D No worries, my fair mitten, for i did not notice the size shifting of chairs till you menchened it.
Love how your updating at long last :D
OMG IT IS! :D But that fan art is oooooooooold! D: I forgot about it
Welp, she is just fucking creepy. Also, is he rhyming or is that just a coincidence? I must say i have fallen in love with the skinny weird dis-formed figure she has...
Glad u didn't quit, too!
I like how the mood changed from cherrful taki to creepy dude wishing she would die. XD
Ooooooooh the sweetish. XD He must be pretending to read the bible to look kewl lol jk
Hehe...Bloody hell...oh the British hehehe
lol ok thanks!
I love the inking! And whats an iris? I looked it up and it said 'flower' and i know that can't be right. Is it a sweetish word?
I love Ayumie now. XD Shes such a bad ass! ~<3
That woman you made got a lot a nerve! I wouldn't even want to be in a public place with him lawl. (He's a creepy sonuvabitch)
YES!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! D: lol i hart this
XD lol Yuuseki: But I wanted to killlllllllll heeeeeeer!
lol I love the look on Yuu's (I abbreviated his name)face in the top panel.XD he looks upset. D:
This IS creepy. Looking at her freaks me out. >.<
I have no life.
I hope you know, I just went back on all the pages for this comic and gave them a five star rating in hopes you would start up this comic once more. T-T'
Somebody needs to eat more BEEF!
lol, pedo gona get it now! XD I like the way you made it seem dark, and the eyes comi'n ta get them XD