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December 1st, 2012
I really like yove your fire-effects, Firepossessed Joan is badass and we got to see a humble Drake. :D

About the "blood" from Joans eye. Is it blood like last time Fire possessed her or mixed with something more? I just can't see if it's supposed to reflect the fire or actually glow orange?

Also I've noticed we've only been shown Joans blue "human" eye bleed from the possession. Would her blue eye be more affected than her red (not counting that the whole possession probably isn't very healthy for her human-ness)?
It could look like that but I'm pretty sure it's the guards arm, glove and swordhandle. I think he's trying to chop the dragon up. Emphasize on trying. :)
Ooh pretty fire dragons. :D

I keep imagining the last two panels with the dragons just screaming profanities at the woman and guard. Yes I know I'm weird. xD

And awesome page as usual. :)
I personally love how you make the speech bubbles. :D

I don't know why it amuses me so much that the fire god calls Drake out on beeing too confident and getting into trouble too much, I wonder how he will have some words with Drake without damaging Joan too much.

Also if this keeps happening Joan is going to end up bald very soon.
October 23rd, 2011
Love the last panel, Joan looks so pretty and Drake just make me think of a pirate. I think it's the coat. ^^ Awesome as always.
September 11th, 2007
Yay Joan! ^^
September 6th, 2007
Yay an update! ^^ Love Drake's expression in the last panel!
Ooh a tattoo. Nice ^^. And we finally got to see Drake's chest *stare and drool* ^^. Very nice page.
The red "lightning" around Drake's hand. Is it from the magic, or some resistance from his seal? Really sensitive it! Beautiful work. ^^
Weee Drake's pissed! ^^ Teddy's going down.
It probably end up with Joan saving the day...or maybe they all just die. Hope not ^^ You really know how to make you readers biting their nails down in excitement. Or maybe it's just me.
Drakes body posture in the last panel, kind of remind me of the "Tekken" games.awesome page by the way ^^.
January 12th, 2007
And Fitz lost his temper...and got his butt kicked.

Hurray for the tail! :-)
Great page. Beau Beau looks very cute ^^. And the car is pretty good too. Is that the pie she is sitting with?
Pyro-Drake ^^.
By the way, good luck at college!
It's good the comic is back to normal, missed your drawing style.I think Drakes eyes looks a little big in the last panel. But he is still very awesome!
Teddy is really cute in this page.
By the way i think that Drake has looked a little different in the last pages (since pg 101), but i can't say what it is.
Poor Joan if she see everything in that crazy way with her red eye.(first panel pg 104).
Drake is really good in the last panel, really confident with himself ^^!
By the way, Drakes right eyebrow isn't coloured in the last panel, and the left is. This isn't criticism, just something i did notice. Joan looks a little bitchy in the third panel. :-)
It looks like the torch on the ground, soon will set the house on fire ^^.Drake is pretty good in the first panel, it is cool, that his hut and hair cover his eyes. I like Fitz in the last panel, and of course the cat! Love cats! Joans eye looks a little odd, maybe because you did not colour it.

Nice sunrise by the way.
The last panel is a little odd, but i like the sixth panel...Drake looks so sad. It's nice to see some of his more sensitive sides.