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I'm a transgender
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@firestarter: There were 2 female characters in the Where's Waldo seires. The first one was Wilma, Waldo's first girlfriend and the current one is Wenda, Wilma's twin sister and Waldo's curent girlfriend.
@EmilyAnnCoons: I think I figured out Cynthia's orientation
Now I can't wait to find out Cynthia's oriantation.
Slot 109- Laurie's (It is just like Clair's but started by a transgender named Laurie. It is very trans and non-binary gender friendly. Every store has at least 1 trans person and 1 non-binary person employed there. Also willing to higher those with Aspergers Syndrome.)

Maybe Alexis can work there in a future chapter.
Allea and Alexis in love
I saw Alexis blush and I thing she is in love with Allea. Those 2 need some private time to talke about all their secrets and like right after school.
@Anon: I have Asperger's Syndrome and your discription of the autism spectrum is spot on. Nice to see some one understands us.
@EmilyAnnCoons: ok you got me
I vote for Laurie
Alexis is into manga. I wonder where she picked that up from. Maybe it came to her on a "Rain"y day.
September 15th, 2015
@Jessica : Rain-i-ly!!! Rain-i-ly!!! Rain-i-ly!!! Rain-i-ly!!!
September 7th, 2015
@00Stevo: Kellen has boundries?! I'm shocked! She doesn't seem the type.
@TallMist: True, we do need to see that
@TallMist: Fara did say something to Aiken about his improvment in
I'm glad to see Aiken and Rain getting along again. As for Kellen, we do need to know how Fara and Aiken respond to her and I'm sure Jocelyn has something planed for that. Just hope it comes this chapter.
@april_plus_june: That ship would be called AleDitz.
I vote for the good ship CynthAlexis.
@LittleLynn84: I think you did right and your comic gets an A in my book.

I would have gone on that comic's site and write the followoing comment- In suport of Jocelyn Samara and her comic Rain I now leave you and your comic. You are the WEAKEST LINK! GOODBYE!!
If I lived in Rain's world and went to her school I would wanna date her really really bad.
OH WOW!!!!
I think Rain looks really cutie