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I like boobs, manga, comics, anime sci-fi, action punk rock booze, boobs,

i make fonts for life.

I've seen some of you with my fonts xDD♥♥
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    Andeh Pinkard
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October 8th, 2019
this is the laifu!!!!
this is the first thing i drew on my new XP-Pen artist12. im really in love with it!
NEW! Shonen Punk! page #912 is finally up!!!
we've finally reached the end of this chapter!! only took like a year lolol!
@evilnidhogg: familiar of zero?
oh, that Neko-chan is picking up some really bad habits hahaha
oh, that sneaky kitty!
that wraps up chapter 36!! wooo looks like things are getting back on track and so far the universe merger is going good so far so heres to hoping!
Gotta say the crew of th shonen punk remix’s latest adventure does make me think of the end of their first adventure together back in Shonen Punk Volume 6. what do you think, has this chapter lived up to it’s name “same as it never was”?
neko-chan's up to her old "new mama" tricks again. haha
Looks like it’s finally Luna’s chance to shine! who’s excited to see what she’s gonna do next?
sorry about missing last week , i was in a weird place mentally. but at least it gave me some time to figure out where i want to take Shonen Punk with this current volume. and i i also took the time to figure out what will be the same and what will be amalgamated from the Shonenpunk multiverse’s recent forced convergence.

I hope you’ll stick around for it, i promise lots of fun is coming!!!
sorry so late! y'know how Xmas can be around Hispanic households! :P
sorry i missed Monday's update!!!
So just for you night owls here's an extra page as thanks for sticking around. its cuz those of you readers who interact and comment/ask questions that I keep going. I love sharing my stories with people who actually want to hear them, so thanks!:D
hey hey! let's start the week by wrapping chapter 35 Up!
@zacman: haha no no not exactly. things will be explained in today's comic!
monday! monday! MONDAYYYY!!! That means it's time for a new Shonen Punk! update! so here's Pg. 880m"Mega Rad" #webcomics #comics #manga #harem #ecchi #epic
been awhile huh. lol understatement of the year lolol
hey gropecadets! groperion 64 "let's get reckless!" is now up! #webcomics #manga #boobs #badassgirls also on @tapastic
@Hogan: so sorry! comics updating again!!!