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I like boobs, manga, comics, anime sci-fi, action punk rock booze, boobs,

i make fonts for life.

I've seen some of you with my fonts xDD♥♥
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So just for you night owls here's an extra page as thanks for sticking around. its cuz those of you readers who interact and comment/ask questions that I keep going. I love sharing my stories with people who actually want to hear them, so thanks!:D
hey hey! let's start the week by wrapping chapter 35 Up!
@zacman: haha no no not exactly. things will be explained in today's comic!
monday! monday! MONDAYYYY!!! That means it's time for a new Shonen Punk! update! so here's Pg. 880m"Mega Rad" #webcomics #comics #manga #harem #ecchi #epic
been awhile huh. lol understatement of the year lolol
hey gropecadets! groperion 64 "let's get reckless!" is now up! #webcomics #manga #boobs #badassgirls also on @tapastic
@Hogan: so sorry! comics updating again!!!
hey, gropecadets! groperion #61 is now up on and ‪#‎tapastic‬ ‪#‎webcomics‬ ‪#‎ecchi‬ ‪#‎busty‬
hey gropecadets! hope your x-mas was rad! groperion pg #60 is now up #comics #webcomics #manga were also on tapastic: and the duck:
merry late X-mas!
i tried really hard to get this done before x-mas ended... sorry chaps!

anywho! have some Extra Pages!!!! heck ya!!!

i'm pumped this is the first time weve seen an overloader activate for the um... FIRST TIME lol let alone a broken one heck look at that bashing that device took even the henshin coin is cracked!!!

there's a heavy guyver tribute in these pages I won't deny it lolol
well, well, well the holidays are here! no promises i'll have any more pages this week or next but i will try! send me cheers of enthusiasm! it just might help me bust out a few extra pages!!!

happy holidays, gropecadets!

please do vote for groperion!
hey ‪#‎gropecadets‬! groperion 56 is now online!! ‪#‎webcomics‬ ‪#‎manga‬ also on tapastic
well it seem Professr Chugger�¢ï¿½ï¿½s assistant Vodka is still looking for some one to sub till Captain wakes from his coma
so issue 4 had a complete rewrite. so�. tada! All new Cover for a completely different direction!
but don�t worry Captain will be back to leading team groperion soon, this change is just temporary!!
and.... he's gone!!! freedom like a shopping cart!!!
yay for upgrades!
Talk about a power nap! lol
well now!!! that's one way to help survivors... i guess... lol >_>
careful what you wish for buddy!