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It's sad that these things have to happen.
Poor Lyle. I think his heart is near to be broken...and she's like she can't see. ;.;
See...I'm not the only one who thinks it's'll be really cruel if it's her...poor Lyle T.T
Xiaoyu_ve: OIC XD
I'll like to live with Ian than ^^''' (not fashion addict but to-be-fashion designer)
Lucifer is so cuuute~ ^^
Hey...even versace can have nice things....sometimes XDDD
I'll prefer English version, even if I live close to germany..I don't understand German ^^''
But if it'll cost same or just a little bit higher like english or german manga and had some sane shipping, I'll gladly buy it. You have my word.

By the way, thank yu for your hard work. ^^
This comix is really amazing. <3 ^^v
Oh've totally cute kind of's so adorable. *.*
Thank you for uploading. ^^v
The way emperor turn the key is so cuuute XD ^^
I love this story...and this version is so cuuu~te to. ^^
Who alse than Japanese Emperor will made that one. XD
Can it sing too? XDD
Hey...I don't envy you...Here is about -20°C and I'm freezing to bone. I really don't envy you live so much at the North like you do Oo

5th panel is all crazy even Griswald looks funny XD much is that sword magic? I knew one magic sword and that one can SING XDDD's so cute ^^v
Congratulation to the 2000 fans ^^v
such a bad guy...I don't like him XDDD
"Don't walk in front of any cars..."
lol...nice sentence XD
I like it XDDDD
pooor Sunny XDDD
So funny scene XDDDD
*can't stop laugh*
it's so cuuute~ ^^
but so much can't be that innocent how it looks Oo XDDD
ww...Zadel is really cool and sexy XD

I do not mind ingrate people/demons whatever...I'm used to live with even if he don't like it I'll support him.
advice for Zadel:
SMILE A LIL BIT YOU IDIOT!!!(if you want to get him) XDDD O.o
I love twoo last panels XD
So funny XDDD
But poor Jacob T^T

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*get fans from nowhere and start cheerleeding (lol XD)* GO ON ZADEL!!! GO ON GO ON...YOU GONNA HAVE HIM!!! XDDD <3333
July 28th, 2009
heh...I love Jouet Oo *.*