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Brian “BAD-JET” and Mick Michaels II joined forces in an age where innovating idea are almost extinct. An age where we are plagued with reboot after reboot and fight after fight on reality shows that keep us plugged into their world leaving our world vacant from imagination. Rivel Comix is here to change all that by creating vivid stories of adventure, cloaked in tragedy, lessons in morality and showing heroes that transcend beyond the normal molds. We invite you to follow along and see the world through fresh eyes. Comments and feedback are always welcomed. Enjoy!
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thank you
@Ultimate Yoshi:
that is a completely fair and accurate assessment.
Was just thinking about the fact that the same heroes that save the day would not be able to keep a job.
heads exploding wow!!!!
shining force
I was going to leave a comment about how your comic reminded me of shining force which is my favorite rpg of all time. but you covered that in the thank you letter. i find it very refreshing that someone loves rpgs like i did and had the same frustration with them that i did. which drew me to drawing comics myself. Nice work, and let me introduce myself. I am Mick Michaels II.