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I'm a very lonely gay college student that enjoys getting lost in BL comics. :P Don't judge me too harshly XD.
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Every time I catch up on a comic after being gone for a while its always sad as shit ;_; other than that though I'm glad to see the comic is still as awesome as always!
Why, why do the most beautiful and amazing comics always die so young ;_;
Awesome page as always! Thanks for another kickass update! Also if that guy did put the rods in his locker I wanna thank him because it helped make Raze a better person and give us that cute couple. I also hope he dies a painful death for betraying Raze but thats later!
Oh my god stealthy cute grandma for the win! Thanks for an awesome update, I love the comic and you really are awesome! Keep doing what you do you beautiful piece of banana cream pie you!
Hey you take as long as you need! If you arent feeling well and are sick its more important that you get better than the comic get pages! You always com first remember that!
I can just smell an ass kicking from drew coming ^-^
I saw this page and it got me excited and warm feeling because it was cute and nice and everything was good. But then seconds later I was like oh shit the fallout is going to tear my heart open... Overall WORTH IT
I watch too many anime's.... -_- I have zero trust for these children
@IvyTiny: You take all the time you need! School can be a total butt and suck up your life sometimes so if you need a little slow down thats ok! Awesome job with the pages btw I will always and have always loved this comic! (Also you are almost always super quick with responses and it amazes me how awesome you are! Keep being a total awesome kickass person!
Yuna, seriously thank you for all your hard work with this comic! It's super enjoyable, funny, and cute! The writing is pretty cool and I love the art so you please keep being a badass ;). Hope troubles stop finding you (maybe try hiding inside a cupboard)and that everything goes well!
February 8th, 2016
@MiaBeecraft: I was gunna wait until the end of binge reading this comic to comment but omfg adventure time references requires thunderous applause! Seriously though like that was amazing and I love this comic so far haha. Also just going to say again that the adventure time thing was awesome, you're awesome and we should be friends.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyy you're back! Love y'all bunches and I hope you had fun in LA. I was super excited for you guys to come back haha. Thank you for making this cool comic :D! (also in a side note can we all agree chip's q board is adorable haha)
December 11th, 2015
If he gets with the teacher I might actually die, and all my ships for everything in the world would all be wrong ;_;
I still hold this comic as one of my favourites ever! It really is amazing, thanks for the totally awesome and adorable update!
@ZHODY the delfinator: I believe we are meant to assume someone has been pestering the blanketed figure to wake up and so when provoked again the person under the blanket finally yelled out.
December 6th, 2015
Tuxie I could sit here for a while and comment on how much I love you and your comic and how amazing it is, but I do that like everytime I'm away and then catch up on what I've missed. I hope that at this point you know how totally amazing you are and I dont have to remind you anymore because you're so beautifully perfect. Keep being totally rad :D <3
December 6th, 2015
Haha this is beautiful :D That face at the end sent chills down my spine though. Also @makicchi your comment goes perfectly with your profile picture XD Gravity Falls is amazing <3
@AliceLovesYou: I hear that an army of bunnies is excellent at tracking down enemies. The world is at your finger tips general, my fluffy tail waits for your commands! (also btw I love the page ^~^)
Yes! I love the page and I'm excited for the next page! We are your army of Rabbits of Caerbannog, and we shall slay all of your enemies ^-^. Have a great day Mr/Mrs artist!
Sometimes a page hits me so hard I cant even relate to the author how great they are and how much I really do enjoy their work. This comic makes me super happy, I love it! This page just hit me like a brick wall at 60 so my thoughts are bouncing around haha. Great work hopefully I can organize my brain by the next page XD