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Alright, alright. I'm hockeydude77 creator of the Jolly Roger. I've been spriting for 8-9 years and attempted 5 or 6 comics on my own. I've been on deviantart, sheezyart and drunkduck. I gotta say Smackjeeves is the place to be. I'm a punk with a random attitude, I enjoy ska music, shonen mangas, drawing, I play the drums, I USED to play hockey. Now stop reading this and go read my comic. No, the Jolly Roger. Don't click the others. Now away with you!

Still reading? Let's sing Luffy'song!

The island in the south are warm!
Paina purupuru, their heads get really hot!
And their all idiots!

Second Verse!

The islands in the north are cold!
Hyakkoi koi koi, their heads shiver all around!

And their all idiots!!!
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Damn, do I know how to pick guys for a fight or what?
Oh what's this now? People want to fight and are getting impatient?


This is what I wanted, people eager to fight and looking forward to creating something great. You people are awesome. I admit, I could of updated when I had to.

I think the wait was needed. Now! How about a little fighting?

BTW each fighter has a week to update.

Tex will update first.
@ sonicballzx:
PM the sheet to one of the judges, it'll be easier this way.
I totally have to make the arena for the next match... And choose two people...
Nice sprite! But the transition from the shoulder to the arms looks a bit weird.
@ DarkSoniic:
Don't mind, I did it for you.
Good, but you should post these in the sprite page.
I lost to the runner-up. I still feel good about it, great fights were had.
He's going Prince of Persia all up in this arena.
Humans united, welcome aboard.
Sweet new banner.
Man, that last panel is perverted.
They irritate me, urge to detonate rising.
@ DM:
Good! Alright, now, I want this fight to be 10 comics long. I need you to start and I want to finish the fight. 5 comics each, pull all of your best tricks and suprise me. You can start whenever you feel like it. If this is too much, PM and we'll work something out.