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I'm an animator for youtube who just happens to have a Smack Jeeves a lot. Other than that I go to school, sleep, eat, breathe, but more importantly, play video games.
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I just found out you had carpal tunnel syndrome and oh my god. How do you even write so much if you have that? you shouldn't be, no matter how good it is! It must suck for you if you like to draw. Wow you impress me even more now.
@TheGreenShyGuy: What do you mean by verbal language will work better after saying don't bother trying to communicate?
Please Visit it!
Call me evil or something, Keito's death surprised me, but didn't bother me all too much.
I really do like how his death unfolded character development and plot though.
This chapter is my 2nd favorite
@Guest: They look more like Butts than Tails :D
*Looks at panel 4*
They have big butts
This comic is no longer rated PG. Now it's rated PG-13!! Actually, it's still probably PG
Congrats on 500 fans :D
I sure don't think they'll become a rescue team after this fiasco..
@Rendum: I don't think he needs too, since when Lucy woke up, she wasn't in webs like before.
@Redkirby: It seems like a pretty good theory except for the last part. "both have a bias against yellow kirbies".

Zykan doesn't have that. He just killed Keito because he had the chance. Maybe he did, but there's no evidence to show it.

And in the Beginning - Part 30, Galacta knight was aiming for them all, not just Keeby (if you meant Keeby as Yellow)

Nice try though, im ok at debunking theories but not making them. Yours is good :D
@Light: Yeah, I figured that out.. It's really cool!
>Lucy: If your team has killed it, use it's corpse (or parts of it) to distract other spiders for an easier kill.
>Everyone: Climb/ fly up the Trees and avoid monsters from above
I had a girl in my fifth grade class named Veda.. It was even spelt and pronounced the same way!
It makes me happy that Ulti's at least uploading on YouTube.
If there's one thing that this comic does badly, it's that it makes chingling look creepy :/