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I've gotten my hair stuck in my glasses before. You don't need to have it too long for the dangers to start rearing their heads. Least it shouldn't be to hard to dislodge.
Jack hasn't shown up yet, but she will soon enough.
I know the feeling. These things take time. Don't worry about it.
End of Volume 2
This is the last page of Volume 2. The comic will be going on Hiatus for a while for housekeeping, as well as to build a buffer for Volume 3.
Hm... Obvious code is obvious. What are you up to, Kinesis?
So, how do you expect her to keep the 'egg' from hatching, Wendy?
No gloves or anything on that suit, Andrew? Might be a problem, but then again, maybe it's only to look bulky for intimidation.
Hey there, Advocate!

More comics on the way, but have a drawing in the interim.