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1. I love your new characters (Fuse and Franki should get along famously both loving music and all XDD )

2. I love this page, Aiya is adorable -quickly runs off to work on a page as well-

Great job (on both uploads!!) -thumbs up-
8D Nurse hates it when the dead don't cross over XD; she's not too happy that he doesn't want to XP

and yay Franki has a friend 8D lol
Everyone else was uploading pages so I did too XP;
ok cool thanks for being my eyes guys 8D my screen is super bright so I have to look at an angle and stuff, s'long as it looks good to you all 8D

And NO U NINJIES! lol I've been wanting to draw Shipman for everrrr, finally I got the time to do it :P
toning probably off, again can't tell with my laptop

I wanted to do a Gorehounds page so I continued off what I had last o_o; Gian bothers Shipman some and brings up more memories. Small glimpse of younger/non burned/f'd up Shipman :X
sexyyy nice :D
So cool! ghostly thiiinggggs!
Not being able to re-enter his body might be bad if he's around the nurse's office XDD;

-thumbs up- awesome chara
lol I thought the same exact thing. Just hope he's never sick 'cause she just might try.

"OH MY! Deary, you have yet to pass on! Here let me help :D"
Quick/rough color ref doodle of my nurse :P

Name: Nurse Ana
Age: ???
Species: Ankou
Gender: Female

Likes: Helping sick students, late night walks, silence

Dislikes: Students using the nurse as an excuse to get out of class. She'll send you right back if you're not really sick.

Bio: Nurse Ana is an Ankou - or death caller. Her skin and hair are pale white and her eyes are black. She works in the school as the school nurse, taking care of the sick students. She carries around a black doctor's bag which holds all her doctor-ly things - as well as a bell. The bell is rung when someone dies and she collects/leads the soul to pass on. She is very friendly, but if you use her office to get out of class with a fake illness, she'll send you back (unless you catch her on a REALLY good day).

Special Ability: Can see the dead (if they don't make themselves visible to others) and leads souls to the other side.

Hope she's ok XP;;
@Licca_Chan: I'm sorry if I messed her up D: I also made her look a little...darker than happier o_O;;; I 'pologize

@Leeland: Thank you :D

@ly chee: yep I do my lines traditionally, I can't do lineart on the computer, it's impossible/I suck at it XP and thank you as well =DD

Somehow I imagined this as a scene from Sex-ed or something, like a "how to talk to girls" session, then again - hah - I don't know how many male students would be interested XD;;;
gwarh I tried >_>;;;
I wanted to do a girls picture as well XP
My colors are off I know and my scanner likes to ruin the line-art ; n; I need to start getting back into the artsy swing (- and boobs? wot?? XD)

=X I'm done rambling XPPP
Thankies to all! :D

And MikoKage Pchat! sounds like fun, I'm game :3
Really bad and untoned/all hand minus the addition of the text

There are a lot of boys in school, maybe it was an all boy's school that just recently started accepting girls XP

I promise I'll do better pages ; n;
and I'll be posting my second character later tonight. Since there are a bunch of teachers now I decided to draw one as well...well...she's not really a teacher, it's the school nurse :P (hope that's ok!)
and I love his wings :DDD
stfu you did not!
This is magical! MAAAGICAL!!
Amazing job really :D and coloring, it's fantasmical
hot teacher is hot >///<
lol thanks guys
She's the late one and the one that goes to the nurse all the time o_O;;

This is going to be one cray-zay *flails arms* school year
lol I love the pencil
Watch out, looks like everyone's got the hots for our new teacher
oh man, he's scary DDD:
I would fear for my life in his class
I lied XP got it up tonight, sorry it sucks ; n;

Franki is very talkative in her head, not so much out load. She's smart enough, but it doesn't show because she's too self conscious. Her grades are pretty poor and she's late to class a lot. Little extra on her I forgot to throw in D: