Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
Yes, it seems that other authors got similar upload problems (not sure if error message is the same though). Even me having some trouble making SmackJeeves RSS updates register on my newsreader yesterday, and comic pages load that time were awfully slow too.

P.S. Speech bubble #3: "aweful" -> "awful"
You meant the one with raging fire genie and his elven master, right? I have been following that one too.

And, since you didn't post a link...

Genie of Three Wishes:
Comic profile:
"Your cock *likes* him too!"

Pffft LOL. I nearly spilled my drinks on my laptop.
The merman bloke is Derek, and the human guy is Issac. Both names are not spoken out in-comic yet; but they are mentioned on the comic profile ( ), and appeared in mouse-over commentary on several times.
"Do you want to use my bathtub?"

May be he read or watched "Orenchi no Furo Jijo" ( ) too much, I doubt that saltwater merman could stand freshwater very long anyway.
Welcome back from the 234-day hiatus, and... congratulation on the opening of new site!

I'm still waiting to see if the prince would score his goal. Anyway, I'll most likely continue reading on SmackJeeves; but I'll note down the new address regardless.

Take care.
A flash of worry?

I'm curious, did no one have ever confronted Cedric specifically on the issue of him being "insensitive jerk" before?

Because up to now, it looks like he does his job well, and he does seem to care. But he is, apparently a (brutally) straightforward bloke with some questionable word choice; his constantly stern face does not help either.

Maybe he would get along better with Cley as he seems to be comfortable fighting sass with even more sass.
Page-by-page V.S. Batch updates
You know you don't have to do the same schedule on all sites, right?

I read few comics which run page-by-page on Tapastic but update in batch on SmackJeeves.

While I won't stop reading or anything, Tapastic and their site coding is real annoying that I have to pull various sort of "magics" to make it bearable; so I still prefer SmackJeeves (or similar site like ComicFury), even it means slower update times.
Can't believe I already forgot what Rhys said to Allister when they first met: "Hey buddy!". (I just flipped back two years to re-read the original page: )

And... isn't this page supposed to be titled "allister's backstory p6" (instead of "p5")?
Wait, is it just me or this page really shown up blank?
Now his look goes from "crazy bloke" right into "sugar daddy". Don't you appreciate it a bit, Jerome?

Anyway, I do agree that Anubis' Mafia*Looks (TM) really fits him.

P.S. Isn't this page supposed to be numbered P17 (instead of P18)?
See this: ervice-claims-right-first-refusal-webcomics/
"If I refuse, are you gonna to grade me with 0 or something?"

Damn straight!
Have read them all. While serveral of them are really fast-paced (which are normal for oneshots), they are really entertaining. Though, the most memorable episode for me is probably the first one (the talking crow and the bus driver); not many animals in comics talk life problems.

Anyway I'm curious, I saw CC-BY-SA badge on this page (version 3.0, I suppose). Did the license cover only this last documentary episode, or cover the entire series? Since I'm considering to do a fan art.
I suppose that the story of these two continues in "Masazume Wars", right?
( )
That ToS gambit?
By that "stuff", you mean the sneaky commercial rights ToS gambit?

Actually, they should have announced term changes in advance. Doing something like this behind authors' back is... well, really dishonest (one may even say- downright evil). I noticed several comics I follow took down their Tapastic mirror too.
Lili, you know that a heavy glass bottle full of soap can kill, right?


- The scene appeared out of nowhere. Are page 3-16 scheduled to appear at the same time as, or before this page? (I didn't see them)

- I see dangling background CSS code "body { background: url(...) }" at the top of this page. Shouldn't it be inserted into `<style>` tag in `<head>` section of the template instead of `<body>` section?
@Gogo Marz: Okay, the page shows now. Thanks.
After 2 years, 1 month, and 18 days, the duck is flying pass my newsreader again...

No idea about Blu-Ray's age (never bought them), though in the past, one in my family used P. brand of CD-R for backing-up family videos, only to find out that few years later they become as readable as blank disks. The irony is, original VHS source of those videos are still playable.

Used to joke that the brand is a cheap specialty self-destruct media for espionage spies.
Des' cheekiness aside, did this page supposed to be numbered 26 (instead of 25)?