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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
I can't help but chuckle at your comical rendition of battered Daikiri on the last panel.
Um... okay. Life happens, wish her luck.

Though, to be honest; I kinda miss Alex's poker face and Yu's nonchalant expression in the previous art style; IMO, it fitted their dynamic so well.

The current style is more colorful, but the newly-added expressiveness is making them looks like they are pouting at each other; which significantly changed their "image". I don't know if this was an original intention of your script or not.

Anyway, I'll continue reading it.
February 12th, 2019
Now, now... I'm curious who exactly this Ms. Deity Outsourcing Agent is. Is she some kind of a deity/goddess too? (Looks pretty much like it)
Err, that's.... okay?

Honestly, I don't really think this page looked wrong in any way; except that the comic returned to black and white (which is normal), and page number that starts from 1. (Is this page marks the start of new volume, season, or something?)
February 9th, 2019
Whoa... Did something played ticks on my eyes, or my newsreader really told me that the comic really came out from a 3-year 6-month 26-day hiatus?

Welcome back!

P.S. I'd still have to re-read it though, 3.5 years is quite a long time...
I'm curious, what scarecrow's voice is supposed to be like in this comic? A prepubescent boy, a male teenager, a young adult guy, middle-aged man, or an old bloke?

My guess current guess (based on his looks) is male teenager.
Um... I just noticed. Why do all pages and chapters in the quick jump bar (right below the comic page) are all numbered "1"?

(The jump itself still works correctly though)
@JLovelace, that's my "reaction music" for the last two panels, akin to reaction GIF. I give it out on a whim sometimes.

This track is the one playing in my head when I imagined Morty doing a catwalk, stormed with photographers' flash.

P.S. It doesn't autoplay, if that is the concern? (You can also download and play it locally) Or you can just ignore it.
He looks (surprisingly) good in that vintage attire. Now if morty is going to do a catwalk...

Okay, see you then.
I felt some dissonance when hearing "ah-" and "-sensei" in sentences next to each other...

- Aren't "ah-" part being Chinese, while "-sensei" being Japanese?
- Which language granny was speaking in-story?
- Or she just switched language when she talked to Huang?
- In the city that Haku's apothecary resides in, which language(s) is(/are) commonly used in conversation?
Ask Teal:

- What are your hobbies?

Ask Teal and Gray:

- Do you use makeup?
- What are your favorite music genre(s)?
- What are your favorite sport(s), if any?
- Do you read comics/mangas? If you are, what are your favorite genre(s)?

Ask author:

- Which program(s) you're using for making this comic?
January 18th, 2019
Er... is there a special reason there are two page numbered 104? (This and the previous one)
Congrats on reaching the finish line! I have been following the comic since March 2017.

For the story, I'm still confused actually. My current understanding is:

1. Sea Town is an environment analog to the Matrix-- represented here in color pages.
2. Those weird phenomenons they were investigating are actually "glitches" that allowed them to go (back?) to the "real world"-- which is represented in gray pages.
3. Once Mana crossed over to the "real world", all she encountered there were pain and loss.
4. So now they're back, met her boyfriend, and live happily ever after.

Tell me if I'm wrong? Or maybe I watched The Animatrix too much?

(I used scare quotes on "real world" because I'm not sure whether that one is more real than Sea Town, or is just a parallel universe)

P.S. For the revamp, if that's going to happen; I would like to ask that it be done as a second, separate version of the comic though.
P.P.S. I suppose that your "View of Japan" comic you mentioned on chapter 7 page 29 is this one?:
That's okay, thanks for the heads up.

Anyway, even when current season ends, I won't drop your comics from my newsreader (I follow both Chunky Skunk and Devil Spy). So if you ever got in touch with your muse again, I'll know when you post any new page.

Good luck for your new endeavor, thanks again for sharing your good works.
♫ Before you go, you just need to know,
that I've really liked you for a while.
"Sorry I lied, and put you aside,
but it's really you who makes me smile"

So surprised, I couldn't hide
and fumbled what to say...
Calm and smooth, I turned to you and said:
"I feel the same way" ♫

-- Honeyworks, "Confession Rehearsal -Another Story-" feat. JefferzKM
( )
His dad looks so young!
1. Are they all the cast of Whispers of the Swallow?
2. If not, which of them aren't?
3. Which ones in this picture are going to be introduced on the next chapter?

The only ones introduced so far seemed to be just Huang the Mercenary, and Haku the Healer (redhead and whitehead on the N/E side of the table), or did I miss any cameo?
January 3rd, 2019
From what Andy said on the previous page, I was actually expecting a spell or potion (more like some gross sticky potion/ointment)...

But this works too, I guess; and damn right to the point.
"It's all the cat!?"

Welcome back! and happy holidays.

Poor Kazu, he's traumatised by too many things in one day. Now he's going to need some brain bleach and holy water to "exorcise" his all-pervy neighbor from his place... (or maybe just regular /boiling/ water works too)