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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
I'm curious: on the earth, are they already married officially, or just living together as a couple?
Funny that when I saw this page, my mind just ignored the lyrics on the page and jumped directly to a super-cliche verse on this super-cliche song:
Welcome back! Now I seriously wonder what Brandy's human name is going to be... He is not going to go by "Brando Roderick", is he?

P.S. The new shading style itself is okay! (It should be a bit darker, though)

However, there seems to be subtle differences on the shape of Elis' face and his hair strands, between the old and new style; and I would strongly prefer the one used in old style in this part.

Because in this new style, I could easily mistake Elis as a girl if his neck and his chest were obscured; it feels dissonant when reading through the page.
"If that means I can see those muscles again..."

Pfft XD

Anyway, I originally found your comic on Tapastic. Nice to see you here.
> 401: Unauthorized

So that's why Juto had to fight his way inside at the beginning?

Back at the page, I though he was kidnapped away (with all of his capsule/equipments) and kept inside enemy's base. So he wasn't, then.
I like this paintery feel of your color page. Keep up the good work!
Pffft... Damn, I know full well it was April Fools, but that ending still got me.
Wait, that mouseover punchline is a quote from Disney's "Hercules" film, right?
Whoa, a revisit to scene from ten years back?
April 3rd, 2019
The other France, as in an alternate dimension of the same place?
Ah! That blackhead from the 2019 new year picture!

I use a computer that is based on non-mainstream technology and dated parts, together with time-limited/low-bandwidth Internet connection (imagine post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie). These all doesn't interact well with sites that have a high system requirement, especially ones that require client-side scripting.

I can read and navigate comics on SmackJeeves just fine, even with scripting remained off for the entire session. Same goes for ComicFury.

On Tapastic, only latest comic page (or page that you know its direct URL) can be read without scripting; in-comic navigation is broken. Archive binging is a pain. I have to use my RSS newsreader as a de-facto archive page when reading update-to-update. This is why I just tolerate it.

On LINE Webtoon (which is a scrolling comic platform like Tapastic), scripting is required even in the most basic reading function. Without it, I got only a blank comic page; so I don't read _any_ comic on LINE Webtoon, no exception.

P.S. Before anyone is going to assume things: while my browsing session don't run scripts, I don't block advertisements-- the good old Project Wonderful displayed just fine, back then when they were still running.
Welcome back!

It's... a very long time that I didn't see an actual update on this comic on my newsreader.

P.S. Personally, I just tolerate Tapastic, not preferring it; so I'll continue reading here as long as it is possible. If you actually ended up stopping to post here, don't forget to give us some heads up. Thanks.
A urban fantasy kemonomimi slice-of-life+romance comic revolving around a cafe?

Not sure about the "dark" fantasy part; but it sounds really, really interesting. I'll look forward to read it!
- Is it just me or this page's size just suddenly jumped up?
- Now I'm seriously wondering what trauma Mohammed got through that make him tear up like this...

P.S. Anyway, this is your third comic that I follow now. Nice to see you here again.
Welcome back!

Very fun to watch Dante falling sooooooooo hard for her.
Um... Is it intentional that this page is also numbered 26 like the last page?
Okay; I don't really mind that (I use RSS newsreader, so I check for update when it updates).

Good luck with your stuff.
It's not really a problem of SmackJeeves' end; the URL itself gives HTTP 401 error.

Maybe, try the same URL, but strip out the `?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV` part at its end? Because I can actually see the page with this one.