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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
First look: Hey, Isaac is going to go through a portal to magical world in this chapter?
Second look: Oh, he's just going to have a sweet time swimming with Derek, isn't he?

Captivating artwork either way, interesting that you decided to display it sideway as if it was a hint of something else.
He really clings to the word "straight", isn't he?

Having hots for both girls and guys is called "bisexual", mate.
He meant the lightning bolt tattoo on Seji's hand? Does it indicate the magical institution he affiliate with, type of magic he specializes, or patron god he subscribe to?

And about Vilas' "I shouldn't say it out loud", was being a cleric such an objectionable (or very exotic) thing in the in-story society?



Seji: (Huff huff...) X|

I think it would be clearer if you hand-lettered that onomatopoeia in English instead; even when it was written rotated 90-degree.

I can't read Japanese onomatopoeia too (and being an image, I can't look each of them up in dictionary either); so I don't think it makes sense to write these in Japanese, if both author and reader can't understand them.
John get to the business, finally. He seems to deliberately omit how much content of the blackmail he heard.

Hope Dante could entertain John with full detail of their first date, especially for the later parts.

Because "I luv her now" is obviously not going to cut it, but "She ended up realizing she's in the same situation as me" might be...
Haha, wow... she's so eager! Not very often that we could see Leo getting a VIP treatment, are we?
@Cheeo: I think I figured out what caused this date problem. To fix it, go to My Comics > Root Alpha > Manage > Site Profile & Settings. ( )

Under "Settings" heading, find a setting that is called "Date Format:", and replace its value with "d/m/Y" (excluding quotes), then press "Submit" at the end of the page to save the comic setting.

I guess you originally filled this setting with an incorrect "dd/mm/yyyy" value-- which pretty much explained the "double-date slash double-month slash quadruple-year" pattern I see on comic pages and the archive.
Did he meant this "talk"?

Um.. I didn't connect them together, since there was no explosion at the start of comic. So it was really the same event, then.
Welcome back! It's nearly 2 year isn't it.

Anyway, is it intentional that new page is much larger?
August 4th, 2019
Does Eli actually remember his time with Ray?

With this perceived like out-of-body experience, he might forgot it completely when he came out of the coma, or simply shrugged it off as hallucination.
August 4th, 2019
Eli, with your demeanor and all, are you really supposed to be a demon? Not just some lost ghost?
Erm... Is this page and the next page supposed to look the same?
♫ Ah~ There is nothing I could do
That would be fun at all today...
I feel just like I'm rotting away~

If that's the case,
Then how about tomorrow we go on a date! ♫

Mer, "Town of Jade" feat. Rachie


You can't possbily conjure that movie ticket out of thin air, Hoshino-kun. You _knew_ a date is an offer Watanabe-san can't refuse... you smooth bastard!
Er... Is the observatory deck considered a "private" facility?

And did Callan and Eckho do things like this often when Eckho was... well, original Eckho?
Er... Did Seji completely forgot they were still standing in the middle of kill zone?
Welcome back!
@nyxish: Yes, I'm viewing this on a computer.

My browser reported the previous page being 1100 x 1560 pixels, while this page being just 550 x 749 pixels, and the next page bounced up to 825 x 1091 pixels.
It's 9 months 10 days... Welcome back!

We are finally going to find out what's going to happen on Leo's rescue mission.
Er... How come this page being much smaller than normal ones?
Welcome back!

Derek's therapy looks effective so far, Jake is looking so carefree now.
@Ralend: It's the running gag of this chapter now.