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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
Wow... this one is really detailed.
April 5th, 2018
Wait, isn't this page supposed to be numbered 213?
Darwin: *Eyed the counter*
Darwin: (Why all of my coworkers have to be darned shippers?)
I suppose that the bottom-right label on this page means "Chapter one, end" right?

Anyway, I saw the comic was named "The one who trascends in time". What does "trascends" means?
Is that meant to be "transcends"? (i.e. "climb", "surpass")
Um... is there a particular reason that the newsletter starts at page 2, rather than page 1?
Glad to see you're back!

Anyway, this conversation seemed to come out of the blue. Isn't there supposed be an "Is your family rich or something?" exchange and Ravii's narration of his past just before this?

(The missing part comprises of the whole segment 7 of chapter 5 on Tapastic: )
Wait, wait... does that mean their local recreation center actually holds roleplay and cosplay activities? Nice!
1. Before attending this school, Cley has always been raised up by non-magical folks, right?
2. From #1, what happened which changed all of that? (I'm trying very hard not to assume Harry Potter logic)
3. Before attending this school (or before #2 happened), did he know that he is capable of magic?
4. In the story at "present day", do (some of) non-magical folks aware of magic's existence? (In a way other than "Witches Are Evil" propaganda that is)

And, out-of-story question:

5. What program you are using to make this comic?
I'm interested about the specifics on how you deal with the lighting (and shallow focus) in chapter 2 page 23; since I was trying to draw a scene with lighting similar to that one, but the attempt wasn't very successful.

Also, how did you learn to paint water? (Or more precisely, flowing water and flood)
March 16th, 2018
Anyway, is it normal in the story for people to call a pharmacist "sir"? And is it the same for doctors?

(I reckon it was normal for people to call Selfrid "Sir Egert", since he works under the king in a similar manner to a knight)
March 15th, 2018
@woolysox123: Compared to every other appearances (e.g. ), Gauvin is always shown wearing some kind of cloak. Previous page is the first time showing him walking around naked, like he was an ordinary rooster...

Selfrid: Maybe I should turn you into a pig then.
Gauvin: I already accepted to *strip* for your deception!
Selfrid: Hehe~

From a look at texture seen in the previous page, I don't think Gauvin really molted his feathers away for this special occassion. So he's just being plain naked, not both naked and bald.
So he _really_ is a catboy, huh?
March 9th, 2018
Wait... The comic just turned into color after she put up a monocle. Is there anything special about it that is related to color vision?
Welcome back!

And I see Sori still has no sense of shame as usual.
No idea it was usually called that. Around where I live, people call it "guitar pick". I guess the Latin plectrum/plectra is a name that's not specific to instrument?
Wow... 2 years and 15 days since the last page. Welcome back!

Anyway, don't assume your "fans" would simply leave when you don't update. I use /newsreader/, and many people use /+Fave/, these things are _super effective_. You can't escape us that easily.
I'm curious: If Morty was wearing an earthly sunglasses (or other kind fashion glasses in general), would it prevent his friend from peeking into his mind?
That's okay, take your time. Hope it's not your disk that broke...
(It's always heartbreaking when it does, unless you have a full backup lying around)
Thanks, though I'm more likely to continue reading on SmackJeeves (for technical reasons). But I'll note down the address anyway.
Wait... is it just me or this page looks exactly the same as last page, despite being numbered 22?