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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
So all of them recognized each other, it seems. Maybe Merrow was the hunter from years back mentioned in the prologue?

And... Is it just me or the story just taken the harem comedy route?
To trace, or not to trace; if the result looks great (which IMO, it does), it's okay regardless.

(Learning to do it without tracing may allow you to do it faster though)
January 19th, 2018
I'll keep an eye on my newsreader, then. I just started to wonder why it didn't seem to update at all.
January 19th, 2018
Um... Isn't this page supposed to be marked as page 35 and the next page as 36? (And there seems be two of page 30 with a number skip between 31 and 33, by the way)
Hang on... Isn't this page supposed to be numbered 22 (instead of 21)?
January 12th, 2018
Pfft, "Mamazon" LOL!
Diana's (*smack*) response is about Dragosh dropping off the face of the earth without any visit or letters, I guess. Not sure about her opinion on his affairs with Ivo though.

And now I haven't realized that the comic is at 500+ page already, congratulations. (I started reading the comic when its latest page was around Ivo's "wasteful use" of village's fiery resin stock)
January 10th, 2018
Believe it or not, the fact that I read your Replica series is actually an exception in my reading pattern. I normally read more of lighthearted romance (BL or otherwise, but BL definitely spice things up), slice-of-life (either slow-burn or roller-coaster), or downright fantasy adventure stories.

So, Ambrosia is actually up my alley more than Replica. If both stories were present at the same time, I would definitely read Ambrosia first. (Replica sat in my to-read list for a really long time before I finally "got the guts" to actually read it)

For the feedbacks, I believe people would chime in where there are significant/interesting "events" happened in the comic. (My first comment appeared on Alphie's rocky bullseye, remember?) So, in the moment of friendly conversation, they would just silently sit down and adore; then comment on things at the episode's end, just like when they went to the movies.
So... I suppose this run of Crazy Witch will shed a bit of light on why one of the chapters in original run was named "Methods"?
When I saw few characters' names began appearing in the comic, I simply treated all of them as if they were Japanese names. Of course, except "Anokin" because of Star Wars. (Anyway, isn't the position of "O" in "Anokin" was the third, rather than the second?)

These are how I read them:

-> Die-Key-Rih
-> Ah-No-Kin (basically "Anakin" with "o" instead of second "a")
-> No-Rih (basically the same as Japanese seaweed sheet)
-> Ann-Say (my headcanon; or Ann-Say-eeh, I'm not sure)
-> Kin-Nar-Rih (I read it the like a name of mythical creature "Kinnari")
-> Hey-Sue-iih

The chart could be more exact if it provided IPA though.
Well, mostly I drink Ceylon tea that is sweetened with condensed milk (this combo is also known as "Thai tea", I think). Other than that, I drink Oolong tea sweetened with sugar (but usually at someone else's banquet or conference).

Never had a camomile though, wonder what it would taste like...
It seems to be the same note as one at the beginning of comic; see number 8, "Don(u)t Disturb":

First appearance of the office door is however, number 4: "All-New Mystery Flavor":
Wait a sec, you meant Chuva is a guy? Wow... his clothes really misled me.

P.S. I can't shake a feeling that the story up to this page (synopsis and all) are specifically written not to reveal this; like it was some kind of major plot point of this story.
What is a "toner police" in panel 3?
Did he meant to say "tone police"?
January 2nd, 2018
Haha, Sef, where is your "I'll be a great wizard who won't use potions" now?
That's okay, good luck. (I actually saw and started following your new comic "Sacrifice" before even seeing this notice)
Hey, isn't this page posted twice? (The previous one, and this one)
I wonder, if she is terrified of phone *ringing*, does a visual ringer help? (You know, the one that deaf people use; it flashes light instead of sound when there's an incoming call)
Still waiting to see what he have to say about what he _actually is_. Anyway, happy new year to you too. (When the page is posted, it's already new year at where I live)
When looking at this page, the optimistic me keep thinking of this song...

Katsuo Oono, "Memories" (Detective Conan)

While pessimistic me keep going to this song...

Mark Mancina, "Opening Title" (Haunted Mansion)

I don't know why I keep suspecting that things would quickly go south every time Ravii is having fun... OTL.