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Leo is feeling some electric anger, he's going Super Saiyan isn't he?

For the subject of this mess; I'm still holding my breath though, as there are two possible person who could be the target of Leo's anger:

1. Carter - "I know you like to (bed) people a lot. But can't you just keep your (hand) away from my friend?"

2. Henry - "You barely know my cousin, yet you already (bed) him. What kind of friend are you?"
September 18th, 2017
Kazuhiro: Wow, that guy sure sounds like a real loser!
Hideki: *glares* (I'm still here, you know?)
Kazuhiro: ...
Lifen: ...

Kazuhiro, may be it's *you* that should bring him out of his shell.
Um... The page looks pixelated, is it intentional?
September 15th, 2017
Morphee seems to be a very nice sprit, isn't he.

Now I just flipped back to the first page and see you said there would be 44 pages in total, and we are now at page 44. So I suppose we didn't get to see the result of Enzo's quest to find his missing friend:

Was the story originally written to end this way?

And I'm curious about the distinct "aesthetic" of your pages too. If I have to guess, it looks like a waterpaint on uncoated paper, with edges lined by a black felt-tip marker:

What tools and materials did you use in making this comic?

Anyway, thanks for sharing your work, and for eventually finishing the upload.
September 5th, 2017
A witch, or not a witch
Well, isn't he still under the spell that forces him not to tell anyone?

Or simply saying he just found "the witch" doesn't count? Maybe he (and that other party) already known Andy as a witch from the start?

Can't wait to see what that kind of that "other party" is, and what sort of this "secret group" Nate is affiliated to.
August 21st, 2017
@Gnildryw, that's the duo first seen with Leo on chapter 1 page 7; the page also counts as first appearance of the mentioned coffee shop too.

Though, I think that particular flashback is a reference to the second panel of chapter 1 page 10:
Why he's so flustered at the mention of sex? Is he just being virgin... or something else?
Double Ace
This guest miniseries is from author of that other Ace(s) comic, right? ( )

When looking at the top-left 4koma, I can't help but feel like:
- Rhys => Asyraf
- Allister => Ace
- Clyde => Danial (especially this one)

Only to find that actual cameo Ace and Asyraf enter the scene on bottom-right 4koma panels...
August 14th, 2017
Whoa, I really like your take on the "shallow focus" effect. Now I have to do this on my drawings sometimes.
♫ I cannot stop fall~ing in love with...
the similar face and fiction you create.
When and where the love is bor~n...
It all starts from you! ♫

-- Gen Hoshino, "Love" feat. Satoshi Castro ( )

When reading this page, my mind can't help but jump into this song; despite its questionable relevance to the comic.
@Aaron Andermadas: According to mouseover text of chapter 1 page 16 [1], the author said...

"For future reference; Mal uses they/them pronouns and Norrland is a she ;o"


By the way, @snailoiler, what is the name of the template/theme you choose for this comic? I've noticed for some time now that every comics using this template have broken user comment reply links.
I didn't catch the drugstore owner's name yet, so...

- To the author: Which song they're playing on this page?
- To the store owner: What is your favorite blend of tea?
- To the store owner: Why and when did you become interested in pharmaceutical, or chinese medicine in that matter?
August 4th, 2017
Wow! You're back!
@DimLights: Thanks.

By the way, I just noticed that page number jumped from 120 to 122. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a missing page 121 before this page?
Er... Image not available?
Um... Image not available?
♫...Hey now, you're an all star! Get your game on, go play~
Hey now, you're a rock star! Get the show on, get paid~
And all that glitters is gold~
Only shooting stars~ break the mold...♫

You meant Smash Mouth's "All Star", right?

I know it from Shrek too, despite the song predating the movie. And I also remember hearing it from one driving scene in Disney's Inspector Gadget as well.
July 25th, 2017
On last page, I thought wish-granting in exchange with servitude is kinda risky business; Nate better stay on Andy's good side- so "I wish I am your best friend" should be a safe bet...

And he actually go for it!
Cley used "Sparkles"... It's not very effective.
Wow, and I though Ravii couldn't get any redder than he already was.

(Rish, maybe you could try to get an anime nosebleed out of him too?)