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Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
Have read them all. While serveral of them are really fast-paced (which are normal for oneshots), they are really entertaining. Though, the most memorable episode for me is probably the first one (the talking crow and the bus driver); not many animals in comics talk life problems.

Anyway I'm curious, I saw CC-BY-SA badge on this page (version 3.0, I suppose). Did the license cover only this last documentary episode, or cover the entire series? Since I'm considering to do a fan art.
I suppose that the story of these two continues in "Masazume Wars", right?
( )
That ToS gambit?
By that "stuff", you mean the sneaky commercial rights ToS gambit?

Actually, they should have announced term changes in advance. Doing something like this behind authors' back is... well, really dishonest (one may even say- downright evil). I noticed several comics I follow took down their Tapastic mirror too.
@Gogo Marz: Okay, the page shows now. Thanks.
After 2 years, 1 month, and 18 days, the duck is flying pass my newsreader again...

No idea about Blu-Ray's age (never bought them), though in the past, one in my family used P. brand of CD-R for backing-up family videos, only to find out that few years later they become as readable as blank disks. The irony is, original VHS source of those videos are still playable.

Used to joke that the brand is a cheap specialty self-destruct media for espionage spies.
Des' cheekiness aside, did this page supposed to be numbered 26 (instead of 25)?
No image on this page
Is this page supposed to be the next chapter's cover? I didn't see anything on this page.
Um... Image not available?
May 14th, 2017
Whoa, and I thought an old elf guy on the first page was his father.

Are noble elves in this country usually look androgynous?
Er... This page seems show just "Image not Available" message.
Wait. Is the next page ( ) intended to look exactly the same as this one?
Whoa, that definitely brings a lot of questions, Hinata-kun.
May 6th, 2017
That seems to come out of nowhere. Did the previous page supposed to be an intro to this flashback?
May 6th, 2017
Somehow, I really like your rendition of the nudes with all those scenery censors; the scene looks natural and those "flags" are not at all distracting.

Though, I still wonder what exactly they are parading/protesting for... but I guess that would be revealed in the next few pages anyway.
After Death redux
Whoa, no wonder it felt like I was re-reading the whole thing over again.

So, you decided to merge 2015 After Death into a prologue of Inspirit huh? Don't forget to update comic description by the way.
I think this page and the previous page is swapped. It supposed to be the scene of falling down, followed by catching hand, and then introduction to party members?
The dialogue is not making sense. I think order of this page, next page, and previous two pages are shuffled.
May 2nd, 2017
"How to send back a defective product?"

HahaHahaha ack!... cough cough. Demon is not pleased.
What did he think the book say? "Servant demons made to order, 7-day moneyback guarantee"?
May 2nd, 2017
"Botanical obscenity"... Arisu's word choice is... pfffft LOL. But hey, his flowers aren't that half bad.

P.S. I suppose "promiced" in the last panel was intended to be written as "promised"?
May 2nd, 2017
Now he's starting to remember his rocker-wannabe "childhood friend", isn't he?

P.S. Shouldn't be "coursge" spelled "courage" in panel 3?