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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
Wait, why is the next page ( ) looking the same as this one?
Um... isn't the next page ( ) a double-post of this page?
I noticed the comic's pages looked as if someone beamed a very strong spotlight on the cast. I'm used to seeing this kind of lighting in anime, but not on comics.

What did you do on your post-processing stage to achieve this effect? I'm curious; is it just a Level adjustment?
@Blacku, glad to see you here, I was originally following this comic from Tapastic.

Anyway, didn't you also write another school-romance comic called "theArtClub"? What happened to that?
It really irks me when people just "go by rumors", and don't bother to make effort find out the truth. Sad, but true, especially in schools.

Anway, welcome back!
Wait, isn't the next page ( ) supposed to appear much later in the story?
Is that... a flashback, before The Calamity?

I went back and re-read the whole thing and I still didn't see these two meeting in-comic. (The guy on the left was Jack, right?)
"Oh sh*t! Are they allergic to the potion?!?"
That's okay, good luck on your new endeavor. Can't wait to see that "diabetes-inducing" fluff comic, hehe.
September 7th, 2018
Wait, so what did Kristle decide to do with that call? Page 28 seems to be missing.

(Note for other readers: in the meantime, you would have to temporarily go over to Tapastic to see what's going on: )
September 6th, 2018
"That's the one I'm wearing right now"
September 5th, 2018
Haha, they are such a mess.

Anyway @Jay Mayer, nice to see your here again.
"So, that meant my sacrifice was in vain, huh"

[1] The sacrifice:
[2] The rescue party:
Anyway, I just noticed; why didn't comments posted on SmackJeeves' system show up at all?

(I don't use Disqus, since I keep my browser JavaScript-free; and I already have SmackJeeves login)
One year and half, huh. Welcome back!

Anyway, take care; when your career is not the comic itself, real life always come first.
So, what happened? Did they got "eaten" before reaching Justin's home? This and next page doesn't seem to show up.
A bit abrupt ending (normally, we would expect to see 6-7 page of epilogue "gag"); but the story is still nice, especially how it started with them as children. Thanks for sharing it.

P.S. Somehow, I liked looking at this end card much more than the cover itself.
Here manifest the symptom of social media addict.

P.S. Isn't this page supposed to be numbered "pg5" instead of "pg7"?
So... Did he manage to ask? Or Nori just pulled the LOL card and ran?
I started reading this comic in July 2015 (around the time page 18 was posted). Looking back even now, I just realized I haven't read any comics on low-key magic story revolving around town wizard and his townsfolk, apart from this one; it is an unique story, and a nice read too.

Thanks for your good work, and congratulation for actually reaching the Finish line. Too many webcomics ended up stopped updating or died, so it feels nice every time I can actually mark a webcomic I follow as "finished".

P.S. When I reached this ending page, my mind randomly wandered to this old song:

R&R Sherman feat. Darleen Carr, "My Own Home" (Disney, "The Jungle Book")