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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
I started reading this comic in July 2015 (around the time page 18 was posted). Looking back even now, I just realized I haven't read any comics on low-key magic story revolving around town wizard and his townsfolk, apart from this one; it is an unique story, and a nice read too.

Thanks for your good work, and congratulation for actually reaching the Finish line. Too many webcomics ended up stopped updating or died, so it feels nice every time I can actually mark a webcomic I follow as "finished".

P.S. When I reached this ending page, my mind randomly wandered to this old song:

R&R Sherman feat. Darleen Carr, "My Own Home" (Disney, "The Jungle Book")
@Tiggs: Duly noted (my preferred site is still SmackJeeves because of technical reasons).

Anyway, when I was pasting the URL into my newsreader, I just realized that comic's initials are S.L.A.P., is that your intention or something you had in mind when you named this comic?
Behold... Abby will make you all the stars!

That's okay, no need to beat yourself up.
See you on the next page, no matter how far away it is.
August 8th, 2018
Did you draw this comic traditionally or digitally? (At least coloring is digital, I suppose)

And which software you are using when drawing/processing the comic pages?
So the real story now begins... Nice to see you again, by the way.
My newsreader just reminded me that I started following this comic since June 2016. Normally, I have my personal reading rules that I won't follow any "stalled" webcomics (that is, no update for >=1 year). But after binge-reading and checking the archive dates --which revealed several-year trail of sporadic updates-- I decided to follow this comic anyway. The next update turned up on July that year, and the rest are history.

Now that you mentioned the intended ending is in sight, I feel better than ever that I decided to add the comic back then.

Anyway, as an amateur artist; I know how difficult to even have a coherent comic release schedule when your job is not that comic itself, and I also read comics from many authors with disabilities or health problems. So, I /never/ demand "more updates" on any webcomic I read, just you know.

With those aside, I have never watched those South Park cartoons: I just read this as a standalone story. So, being original or fan comic does not matter for me. For new comics, the story elements/genres I commonly look for these days are:

- Romance (hetero or BL)
- Fluff
- Awkward couple
- Slice of life
- Urban fantasy
- Personification (a.k.a. gijinka)
- Combinations of one or more of above

If you finally started a new comic, don't forget to post a news here to let us know.
Whoa, long time no see!

It feel nice every time to see an old comic show up at the top of my newsreader again. It was 342 days from the last page, I think; no pressure, though.
July 28th, 2018
Wow, a Zane-branded magic of three eyes? Interesting!
Somehow, I found this story being strangely adorable. Maybe it is Black Fire's fluffy demeanor that goes opposite to his half-scary appearance...

Anyway, why exactly one half of his face is being zombie-like, and why does he radiate? Is Black Fire some kind of ghost, demon, half demon, being cursed, or possessed by some entity? Are we going to see a backstory on how Black Fire became... Black Fire?
A familiar face appears
Wait- Isn't that... officer Cynth!?

Apart from her glasses and the fact that her front hair is now evenly cut, I don't think I could mistake her for someone else.

Officer Cynth from Petrichor (first appearance):

Anyway, since you said Petrichor is coLouR's side story (which I still have no idea how it could be, apart from the familiar face I just mentioned); are these two stories going to directly "cross over" each other at some point? Or they simply stay as parallel universes?

And, are we going to learn the secret behind Petrichor's eternally-rainy weather in this story?
Wow, a warm, lively, and loud scene it is... Glad to see you again, but don't worry about us. Get well soon, real life is more important.

Anyway, I feel you, Tim; busy cafeteria is not my favorite either. The wrost ones are those that also blast loud music into the mix. Sometimes I have to say "Sorry, can't stay; didn't bring my earmuff" and get out as fast as I could.
Whoa, that's 11 months and 28 days off the air. Welcome back!
This is \<title\> comment.
Your version of Coffee looked a bit too... smug? :D

Anyway, the correct fanart links are below, no Tumblr login required...

Tumblr post:
July 12th, 2018
Thanks; and if you can, add page name/number after the title too (like "Jamie - pg 2"), so it would be clearer which page is which- when there are multiple Jamie tabs open in row.
July 11th, 2018
The new palette seems to bring a different mood to the scene (kinda remind me of the /Lickity Splitz/ arcade in the old version), and character style seems to be more consistent. Keep up the good work.

Anyway, I've meant to ask for some time now: what happened to pages' titlebar? The template lacks `<title>` tag for some reason, and it is really messy when I read Jamie in multiple tabs.
Wow, he even answered the door in a real shirt; how considerate of him...
July 11th, 2018
So... that's an answer to what Andrew complained about in chapter 3 then: not about his brother's obsession in crossdressing, but it is the fact that this ability feeds his already-too-big ego.

Andrew: And Alex, my younger brother, he...
Andrew: Ugh, I'd rather not talk about his wish.
Andrew: It pisses me off each time I see that little shit.

^ I never really realized before that it rhymes.

Chapter 3 page 4 (number 69):
Somehow, I keep reading Jan's retort "Let's cut the pretty boy faces~" to the tune of first line in "Do you want to build a snowman?" song from Disney's "Frozen" film...