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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
Somehow, I keep reading Jan's retort "Let's cut the pretty boy faces~" to the tune of first line in "Do you want to build a snowman?" song from Disney's "Frozen" film...
June 11th, 2018
Mel: Well, *someday* I'll take you to a real restaurant for breakfast!

Does the fact that Mel emphasized the comic name out loud have any special significance?
Crossover detected
Whoa, isn't that Nick L., a photographer protagonist of MangoChab's "Boyfriend Problems" [1][2] comic? Despite a stark difference on how his eyes are drawn, I think he is still pretty recognizable here; nice job!

[2] IIRC, his surname's spelling is not consistent in the canon; but "Lockhart" and "Lockheart" both sound plausible anyway.
I still remember that very episode of A Bite of China you mentioned; but more about the scenery than the people in it.

Though, I never thought before that the inspiration of fantasy comic character could be a food documentary...
You were gone for 1 year, 3 months, and 3 days. Welcome back!

And yep, I still am.
@The Orange Cow,
I think it's more like the combination of word choice ("chicks" V.S. "girls") and how he gaze at Kris when he said that.
Panel 1: exsists -> exists
What is the name of herb mentioned in the panel 3 again? The speech bubbles are quite hard to read.
Um... Is it just me or the top half of this page looks really blurry? The dialogs there are kind of hard to read.
May 23rd, 2018
Fly! You fools!
Whoa... it is 2 years, 5 months, and 22 days since the last page. Welcome back!

Anyway, I must say that this is one of the stories that I can still recognize by name, even after years collecting dust at the bottom of my newsreader. (For some other comics, I have to re-read the synopses and some of their chapters to get back to the gist of them) Looking forward to see the continuation.
Hello, I'm following this comic on the main site (, but I'm commenting here since guest comments aren't allowed there...

Is there a particular reason that the main site doesn't have any visible link (or address bar link) to RSS feed, despite RSS being supported by the Grawlix CMS running there?

(Currently, a URL guesswork is needed to obtain the feed link for following the comic on newsreader)

To other main site readers: Main site's RSS feed is located at
Featuring Leo "D. Capricorn" and Katerine "Windscreen"... I really like how you mangle up the actors' names.
Wait... Is the next page ( ) really supposed to look the same as this one?
Um... Image not available?
@Ne-tan: The dropped "f" is confusing in particular (it looked just like "p"); other characters in the font are fine.
Is it just me or this page simply shown "Image not Available"?
Panel 1: "oc your problems?" -> "of your problems?"

Or, is that caused by the font used on the page? Because at a glance I just read the bottom caption as "I peel more unportunate..." too.
April 24th, 2018
Mom, the mysterious party
Scarlett: Your chance to make a wish and finally escape this prison.

Well, I now begin to suspect that this hospital scene is actually a *precursor* to the froggy shenanigan in chapter 1; that is, the mysterious third party who called Nate on chapter 2 page 63 is likely be his witch "mother":

So, the "Soon I'll be free" Nate muttered at the end of phone call on last page of chapter 2 might be as well referring to being free from this "prison"; and finding "the witch" is specified as the condition to do so:
Well, by "not very common" I meant they are not likely to be used by different people elsewhere on the internet. The mention of Soraru and Mafumafu is actually the reason I asked about Niconico-- just to confirm it.

So; yes, I know of them, especially Mafumafu-- with his distinctive small voice, who sometimes goes with Soraru in duets or group covers. Though, they didn't appear in my playlist as often as Kashitaro Ito, Amatsuki, or Silly Sakata. (And I think I listened to Sou only once, in a cover of Gen Hoshino's song)

Anyway, looking forward to read your comic.