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Just a regular guy with drawing as one of the hobbies.
Not much of a commenter, more like a lurker.
Though I usually chime in when there's technical issue around.
And you thought he was a run-of-the-mill "klutz" sugar daddy...

So that's why he cares; where he was raised might be as well as opposite to a heaven as possible. Well, I think that's one one of his reasons anyway.

Alven: You treat the orphanage kids for free
Alven: And refuse to take a morsel in mouth without giving proper thanks.
Alven: Seriously, were you raised in heaven?
Reine: Well, it's... It's just a habit after all.
Alven: A habbit huuuhhh...
Reine: (*flustered*) S'cuse me?

-- Chapter 2 page 16:

P.S. Anyway, I noticed that Reine's face in this page looked quite unfamiliar. His face was usually drawn longer than this, wasn't it?
That's okay, take care.

Anyway, is it intended that this page being uploaded in print resolution?
@boxkoi, that's what I remembered from the earlier version of this comic anyway. So that part is unchanged then.
Wait, license for... what? He's a lecturer in training?
December 5th, 2018
He's bad at close calls, huh?
Yea? It's just 1 month and 14 days, you won't escape us that easily.
"Oh! Well, if that isn't Khemi's little soul!"

-- Tzar's Shop, page 1:

Anyway, I'm curious; have Morty ever seen Khemi's face without the mask?
"Not joining the guild, just looking for someone to hire"
Underscored for benefits of non-binge readers...

Abby: Especially after /whatever you did in that restroom/.
Underscored for benefits of non-binge readers...

Abby: You think I don't notice /my own best friend's shoe/ being nervously cradled by alpha?!
Wait... Is it just me or page number just jumped from 77 to 79?

(It seemed like that we just missed a good shot of Reve taking his bit of revenge on those crows)
That is... suspicious as hell.

So that's why he got roped into working as Death's apprentice, then.
Haku: That is the least of your worries, mate.
Er... Why there are mushrooms popping on Dr. Haku's head? Is it a metaphor, or it is really his power manifesting when he got annoyed?
So it's not just Morty who calls them snitch...

"But it eventually changed along the way, the more *people* started to mock the creatures"

By *people*, did he meant netherworld dwellers (like Morty), or the mortals?
November 22nd, 2018
That's okay, considering the quality of your artworks (I read both Petrichor and coLouR*). Take your time.
Wait! This scene change is really abrupt. Isn't it supposed to be page 59 before this one?
R.I.P. Here lies shattered his assumption that a fellow "country" classmate would share the same fate.
So... My Hero Academia is a thing in-story too?
November 22nd, 2018
Wow... It's rare enough to see comics about centaur. But seeing centaur shounen-ai comic in this art style? That's surreal.

Keep up the good work!