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Really really cool
Okay, this fight scene was pretty awesome. I particularly liked the panels involving Rex, especially the one with the Elektross. I'm a sucker for that kind of "graphic" style. Honestly surprised everyone survived up until now.
Of course, now comes the Hydregon. Ooooh boy. Let's see how this turns out.
Green is actually more right than you probably think. Snakes and lizard belong to the Order Squamata, while crocodiles and alligators are what is called Archeosauria, the ancient group to which feathered dinosaurs belonged to. Long story short and simplified, crocodiles are a lot more genetically related to birds than any other reptile. I mean, this is a story about a cat girl, so I really shouldn't give much of a thought, but here it is.
Painted mustachio
In the third panel... I noticed that Alakazam's mustache "growth" is yellow instead of grey...
I know it's probably just because of the coloring, but now I can't help imagine him coloring his staches grey just to look elder and wise. >u<
That was... the most adorable Nuzlocke Battle I've ever seen.
How did you do it?
What wizardry.
Psycho Cut?
...didn't notice
Dude, didn't notice it before, but Chrys is ripped! Look at those shoulders! She could bench-press Donphans all day!
Wait a moment...
@flareon71: Do you think that was funny? Do you think puns are smart?

What a surprise! Mewtwo!
It was awfully nice for her to ask "please".
It shows that you can be a murderous pirate crew captain and still be very polite.
Give her a cookie. DIPPED IN BLOOD.
Dat characterization
I have to admit, I've been absolutely LOVING a lot of things from this comic so far. A comic, drawn so well, with a realistic approach to
medieval dragon hunting? Count me ALL KINDS of in. But these kind of bits are something I can appreciate above all else. How you describe the different characters through these quick actions and conversation. I don't really like the lady, as a person. She's proud, whiny and kind of arrogant, but as a character she's incredibly well described. How she's putting the lives of those dragons before the possible safety of herself and the poor guy talks volumes about her idealism and love for dragons, and at the same time her belief she can make decisions FOR him inside HIS home where she should be just a guest. I can't really put into words all I can feel about her character, and that's in equal part due to my inability to write well and your deep characterization. Good job.
Red on the horizon
Time to beat Clair... or for Clair to beat you? I mean... Kingdra. Just Kingdra.

You probably completed this playthrough ages ago, but... good luck in a retroactive manner -.-
That arm...
Is your arm ok Ghetsis? I'm pretty sure leather gloves are not supposed to have bulging veins like that...

Also, very neat touch that little "Snivy hunting a Sewaddle" thing. In the real world it works, lizards do hunt bugs, but in the Pokémon world, with Sewaddle Bug typing winning over Grass types... I look forward to see how you implemented the realism with the Pokemon logic.

Keep up the good work!
Seriously, HOW do you forget a Vileplume? Did she return it in his ball and then just left it on a crate? Had she NOT returned it, it should have just followed her around. It has feets.
What a Twist!
Oooh... so that's the reason why she was always so nice to the main character of gen 3 games... you know, with the whole "you sure you don't want to stay a little more" thing.

She honestly creeped me out a bit as a child.
Hard Mode explained
@Cherry the Puffball: The "Hard" mode comes from a supplementar rule Ky-Nim (the author, not Nina's mom) decided to use, which sums pretty much as "No healing items allowed", as she explained in the very first page.
Any hit her team takes, it stays there. I think she might be crazy.
@BFTM: It's freaky Ghetsis in the finale, I would be more disappointed if NO ONE died.
I still have compulsive nightmares of my first Black run about that Hydreigon. O^O
They wouldn't be that stupid, right?
This is gen 3, Gold. At the time Maxie wasn't the smartass he got later.

So, yes, they totally would.
Be Strong!
Don't worry about... worrying... us. Uh. What I mean is, this comic is really good, and the simple fact that you managed to carry it so far and for so long speak volumes of you passion and determination for art. As long as you have those, everything else is completely unimportant. Writing or drawing skills can be acquired through practice, passion cannot, no matter how demanding you can be of yourself.

Take all the time you need, this comic is well worth the wait. You rock, man... girl... internet person... you get it.
You still awesome.
Crane... seriously?
I'm more baffled that Crane really was THAT much of an idiot to leave his research so... willy nilly unsecured. I mean, IT'S FRIGGIN ORRE! It's like a mix between the Bronx, the mafia controlled Naples and Wall Street... in the middle of Sahara!
I'm surprised no one snagged his whole computer to begin with!
Chicken dragon! Didn't expect to see you here OuO
This update only had 200% more Vahirom than all the rest of your comic combined.

Also, nice Dragon type headcanon.

Annnd nice type symbols.

...screw it. Nice EVERYTHING. You awesome. Period.