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That reply was underwhelming....
This is a fake out.
You guys don't read between the lines, do you?
In the last strip, after Tail's brother fixes the OS, Tails' replies saying some pretty strange things, lastly being "I might need to 'get away' for a while..." I don;t know tails... I know *I* would take a vacation, but your the brother of Sonic the Hedghehog, You know Eggman's not finished yet. So... what's with the sudden break? And what's weird is that Tails got HIS BROTHER to fix the OS. Didnt Tails TEACH him how to do that? His brother can't be equally as smart as Tails BY CHANCE, can he? Why is HE fixing the OS TAILS made? I know that i'm just talking giberish now, but think about that LAST page...

Our author here:
The Magnificent Z
Is undoubtedly DONE with this comic. But that last page gets to me... Here we have what we assume is Venom waking up... jk, jk. The A.I. waking up, but seems to have memory loss... stange when you consider the fact that it's an A.I.! It's couldn't possibly loss memories like living creatures can! But look at the way it talks... "I-Ithink something is wrong I..." "I can't *See* anything..." "I Can't... I cant't hear or *feel* anything either, I-"
Now hold up! Can't feel anything? You're an A.I. Not even Metal Sonic can technically feel anything! So how can you, Ms. A.I? But it turns out you CAN feel stuff when Eggman walks up! But that's just vibration you're picking up.... which any.. idk.. machine can pick up. It's not really "Feeling" as it were... So a robot or A.I can't feel.. you know what does? I living creature.
**People start walking away**
Wait Wait!
Let me explain...
My theory (that I just came up with btw, feel free to argue if you care...) Is that PAM swiched bodies with Tails..
**People start wailking away again...**
WAIT WAIT! Give me some time here...
You see, with the way Tails acted in the lab.. and ... wait, there's something i missed. One of the last thing PAM (You'd think..!) says is "I Can't move... something is wrong with me." RIGHT THERE, is what TAILS is saying!

Ok.. let me wrap up.. I know i was all over the place with this.. but I need to think this over.
While knuckles was about to puch the... thing... it takes a suprising turn..It seems to surrender to the word "Monster".. I guess it's very sensitive to insults.. and offers to free tails and doesnt want to live anymore. But.. a "world" doesnt mean the Earth... actually, I have my own world, my *Life*! Pam could very well mean she doesnt want HER life anymore. And therefore give back tails, turns him back, and takes a vacation in, idk Hawaii. What I assumed happened is that even though she gave back the physical Tails, she swiched with him. Putting Him in her Symbiote form, and taking his body. You can argue that she just restored his masculinity, but we never see her say that... Knuckles just cuts her off.
Now, I have no idea what she could have said, but in all, the Tails we have now, is just PAM is his body. And Tails in PAM's...still don't know what to call it. Maybe another time i'll try to explain it more clearly, and orderly, but for now... That's JUST a Theory!
-Sorry for wasting your time! :D
**Video cuts off**
Why is it that the ONE time I return to this comic, the latest post is a April fools joke? Now I have to wait for the real next page... who know how long it's gonna take.