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Cokes face pleases me .
December 19th, 2016
I legitimately made the read-a-loud poptart tragedy crying noises , when I read the last panel about the smile.
Bless this comic . rip me .
Gg will stalk this forever
@Kleddyne: your meme game is strong.
I use 98% of these memes.
You precious meme master.
I hope to see the conceded rapper one too.
December 19th, 2016
A punch never felt so good
Bless Hirin, " Don't tell me what to do ' I'm an adult already.'"

I've been hissing like Stinky from Casper.

Also the look in Hirin's eyes as he says that hes going to dispose of him immediately and the fact that he has no shame in doing so in front of the kid make oddly happy.

Hirin is perfect .
I like how she showed regret.

also that subtle hint to the almost kiss.
February 22nd, 2016
@EmmaVieceli: I'm a butt with remembering names, I'm really sorry about that. I meant to say Tanner and not Spencer. Was still pissed with Spencer in general. I also really love the term "rolling" bless your words.
I'm so hyped. I love their faces.

I'm internally screaming.

February 15th, 2016
my line all the time " the thing is...."
February 13th, 2016
I feel exactly like chap " I'm not that old"
"I'm not even thirty yet." what.
He has no chill.
I'll keep hiro in my prayers.
Lol lord he's going to need them.
New guy makes me uneasy.

I honestly am excited for the next few pages.
You wound me.
I love your comic.
Talon grief tears are life.
Neeeehhhh your grief .
The grief for the girl hurts me.
Such a sad expression .
I love it.
I cackled soooo hard " I told you not to trust me."

I love the fact that she was all "I can stop your fury with hugs , its okay :D"

And he legitimately was like " bitch you guessin! How's that feel mh? When you think you're being helpful eh?"
Alpha dickbutt realllllly underestimated the serverity of his triggering actions.

'Uh tats how chu gets dead mista wolfy mhm yap yap'
-said in duckies voice
I wasn't ready..

i screamed a bit.
@lilywolftail: I'm not ready . but I'm so fucking ready .
I can't handle this .
bless your comic, bless it, I love the amount of blood just pouring from the others mouth. uggghhh Love your work.