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I do art and comics and stuff!

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@Guest: NAWT-ee-uh, kinda like how you pronounce "nautical" and it sounds similar to the name Nadia.
Page #1: Part 2!
It was supposed to be one strip, but it was too long for Smackjeeves so I split it into two! Lesson learned: Updates should be shorter than 10000pixels!
Nautia's adventure begins!! (I had split this page in two for smackjeeves, it's too big)

As you might be able to tell, it's a slightly different style than the prologue. I tried for a more consistent style and I think I got it! A lot of the time spent on this was experimentation, and while I think I'm getting the hang of comic-making, I'll try to keep the next updates shorter so I can upload more often ^^;

The comic is split into chapters, but the pages will continue to be numbered in order (i.e. while chapter 1 starts at page 1, chapter 3 might start at page 8)
Not-So-Nuzlocke Rules!
Sorry for the long wait! Here's the ruleset I used for my run in Omega Ruby. It's pretty lax because time (and skill) constraints.

Page 1 is done and should be up soon!
@D-Ranokai: The number of fans shouldn't define a comic! I'm just happy to be able to share my comic. But thank you c:

Kinda agree with you on the Archie thing XD Archie > Maxie in character (and coolness), but they both play really good Antag roles.
@silver-wolf: I'm flattered, but I can assure you I'm not Kynim XD

Well I'm glad monthly updates sounds do-able so far
Had to upload this just to have a comic up! I've had this in my folder for a while too >_<

I'm still not completely sure about the update schedule, since this is my first time doing a webcomic in general. So I'm gonna play it safe and say monthly updates, but if all goes well it could be every two weeks.

The schedule may change because of college and stuff in August but I'll try my best to keep it consistent!
I'm excited to finally post the cover page! I've had it in my folder for like a month. This is my first comic and my first (Not-So) Nuzlocke!

The original Nuzlocke rules have been modified so it might not be considered one? Anyway I'm calling it a Not-So-Nuzlocke. (Or Omega Ruby: Easy-Hard mode)