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I am a practical yet imaginative person. My favorite kind of stories are the ones that come in riddles, where nothing makes sense until you reach the punchline and its like flicking on a switch labeled comprehension.
I love all anime/manga (ask me and I've read-heard-seen-watched-and fangirled over it).
I was a big reader of novels and sci-fi before I joined the comic world.(342 books in my 8th and 9th grade years)
I typically cry over anythng with a dramatic end so I like to keep tissues on me at ALL times.
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    Summer Rasmussen
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December 13th, 2018
"she needs some milk" ^^this comment. Yes.
Literally the only thing I had to look forward to (and continue to look forward to) ^^^^ this comic is a a godsend
God bless
Eats croutons in honor of definitely my favorite web comic character. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN!!!!!
Dear lord,
Send halp I'm drowning in my happy fan-trash tears. This page has made my life worth living. Praise the artist!!
Jura on thus page is my entire thought process on a spiritual level
@Comfy: I feel you on a spiritual level rn
@schalla: u so rite!! #truestory
This is what I've been waiting for, this page right here is mind blowing!!!
I Knew It!!!!
Bailey's pouty face has made my day :) :) <3
@maxfields: You took the words right out of my head (as soon as gannet said "If you're creative" I knew... it has to be a dildo)
@Murderhorse: ^^ this comment
Ugg! I cannot get over how gorgeous your art is!!
This is giving me cavities!! SO SWEET!!
That was the smoothest thing i've ever seen!! "Looks like you and I finally have something in common." YES LORD!!!!
the hand
OMG this page. Anyone else loving Gannets hand on Bailey's stomach? It's such an adorable gesture. (and really hot XD XD XD)
Good luck with school and keep up the great work!!
Dat sassy eyebrow arch tho!!!&#128079;&#10084;&#65039;