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The anime club probably?
The purple haired girl is me I swear (killing minions and reading yaoi is my everyday routine lmao even though I CANT read yaoi in class, respect to that girl)
R-18 huh! Hehehe lol

Happy birthday oreogayer! Hope you have a nice day :D
I think he looks like a Spencer
YES BBY REBEL!!!! BURN HIM ALIVE MWUAHAHAHA! Hm no, I take it back, don't do that Charlie, you'll go to jail. I will do it for you instead >:D

Also, I agree @DreamGazerT and it's totally not because I want to see him naked either hehe :>
Oh wow, I thought that Ben was a tiny potatoe (potatoe here is an affectuate term, I love him xD)! HE'S SO TALLLLLL!!!!! Well, at least compared to me lol, he's 9cm taller! Maybe i'm just short in general but I can't accept it hahaha.

Btw I love information pages like that so YAYYYY!
July 17th, 2015
Awes, it's sad that he feels the need to lie to his sister. She's really overprotective towards him (which I can't really critisize since I'm the same with my siblings) or maybe it's that she really really really hates Misaki (which I totally don't understand, HOW CAN YOU HATE SUCH A CUTIE WHO DID NOTHING WRONG?! Well, I'm not sure if he did 'nothing wrong' so I'll wait for the story to improve).

Talking about improvement, I want to say that your art really improved and I'm proud of you (lmao) even if I have nothing to do with it xD

And thank you, Eid moubarak to you too! <3
AWWWWWWHHHHHH the level of adorabliness (????are u even a word???) in this page is HIGH.
Awww Charlie :'( I didn't like him at first but now I regret because he did nothing wrong except having human emotions. SORRY BABY<3 *kicks Richard* Jfc he's his brother he's not supposed to do these terrible things dammit. Aaron is so nice aw! I'm proud of my son!
HEHEHEHEHEH! Chane's interested in someone~

Pearl! I don't even watch steven universe but my tumblr dash is filled with that show so I can name like every character xD
Also the attack on titan icon<3
HHHMMMMM YEAH I WONDER WHO IS IT. Follow that person back Chane hehe
Dalia's face in the fourth panel omg. xD
OHMYGOD IT'S GETTING SERIOUS!!!! I am so happy and excited for this aaahhhhh I LOVE IT
SHE'S A CAT PERSON YAY! I love dogs but cats are the best (even if they're bitches sometimes). Josh's dog is cute!

The homotalia poster, the iwatobi keychain and Josh's t-shirt are perfect xD

Maybe Jessie (well, christian) will be Chane's new muse? I'm excited for what's going to happen next :p
Josh is like Chane's mother aw
Ok the quizz was right THAT'S SO ME! Always doing things at the last minute and panicking even though it's my fault. :/

*notices the paper behind them with the guy from yu-gi-oh on it* Another poster for the anime club!