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well theres not much that i can say about my self except i love to draw and read all of your comics ^u^
i like to be outside too i guess i love the woods and the lake.

Im a very unfinished artist and find it difficult to finish things ive started.
Im just your average wreck trying to make friends and be happy in this world.

Just your average cringy bean, who hates their past self with a undefinable passion.

My art and any comics i may make might not be crisp and clean because i draw with a mouse. ;w; rip im trying though.
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    Withered "Pastel" Heros
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i love chip i love chip so much, this page is great
Omg this is great. XD <3 i love your comics. this page gives me life
aahhh Jerred is so pretty >w< i love those roses
Is Herz's face in the last panel because he's never heard of this girl before from Jura?
we love it! dont push yourself to hard! *hugs*
@milk+assassin could you make a tiny extra page of what would happen if the monster DID succeed in laying eggs in herzchens navel?
thats the shirt arco wears in chapter 2 pg 38 right? brynn why u be wearin arco's shirt hmm?i thought we bought u cloths u sly fox
Heheh a sad mushy one on my birthday x3 I love this comic so much eehh I'm gonna die by there cuteness. Poor brynn tho he just needs crouton's a nice movie and Arco to cuddle.
@AlexYoshida: Happy early Birthday ^u^
@creativedemi64: The Maple Effect , kaitoshuno
loving this comic so far
Oh no kitty why? He loved you?! ;o;
@xulrei: XD i died laughing when i saw your true~