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The son of man
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I just started reading this comic and it's great! It's one of my favorite stories and I love how you've portrayed it
I love this book and I'm so glad to see a comic of it. The way you draw Dorian is lovely
they were so adorable when they were younger 8D
The artwork is so beautiful and powerful! I love your comics
pffft poor Shiratori almost died from cookies xD Don't watch the kuroshitsuji anime, you have to read the manga!
the little mermaid was written by a danish poet 8D cute page btw
I've been watching you on deviantart for a while. I'm happy you decided to post this comic on smackjeeves!
holy hell this is hawt! Lucid you are awesomness
I love Ren, he's awesome~ lawl at the last pannel
Why isn't this comic more popular? It's amazing! The art is really good and the story is actually interesting. Can't wait for more updates.
so.... why does Truffles need to cross dress to be in disguise? o_0
1. I want to see how it ends because I've enjoyed this comic so far
2. A kiss and a bittersweet ending would be nice
3. all the characters are awsome so I can't choose DX