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I realy like the way you use colours.
Is she diabetic or something?

BTW, your art is amazing. I love the way you keep the story visually dynamic by switching between close ups and overviews.

I don't usually comment but I thought you deserved one. :)
lol'd at the MAN arrow XD
I love how you add humor instead of jumping straight to the smex
What do you mean "crap-tastic"?? It's incredible. I wish i could draw like that.
haha. I really like his socks. All sparkly an' stuff ^^
yes please
heey, I didn't know you were Dutch. Nice ^^
Like it so far... Sorry, too tired to write good comment... I think I go sleepy now.
You know... He reminds me of Roy Mustang from FMA... It could just be me though :S

But anyways, very nice comic^^
I just love the redo!

Too bad I can't +Fav you again^^
I just love the evil face
It's, like,...twelve pages.....all at, wow o.0

You are my new hero
nuuuuuuuu!!!!! gimme my page back T.T
shamless fan service........I love it!
September 16th, 2007
omg sooo pritty.... i love the eyes. I'm faving
update pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese pritty please.... I'm totally addicted
awesome comic