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I really enjoy to draw. I also just like to hang out, watch movies, make fun of bad movies and have a good time. I also enjoy drinking every 4 to 6 months or so... just enough. I do n't have a pet turtle. I definitly am not taking medication. I am probably not what you are looking for, but you found me anyways.
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To be continued...
Well, I will let you all know, that I have decided to continue... not with wow comics... that is dead to us. Well, not to us. Zar is supposidly "working" on finding an artist, but not that quick I guess. I don't know when or what yet though, but I feel I need to get back into the groove! WORD! Thanks for the supports. Oh, and you can eat my children. They are stoopid and retart'd.
Helz yes I want some burgers!!
HAHAHAHA!!!!... Yeah... it happens. I love you guys... New Albany guys... you will always be welcome in my hizzie!! Foshizzie! We down (pats chest)! Nice to see what we created became a section all it's own!
Trend Setters...
I think we set a very sad, sad trend. I still love this comic and view it on occasion... Please do keep it up if you can find time, but if not, I know what you mean. Some things that take alot of time need to be put aside. Good luck!!
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Funny sprite...
Not bad... needs some legs though. :p
Right... but, like I said, Zar is going to keep it going. Hey, Zar, Jason can draw... (ROTFLMAO!).. Psssh... ok, ok. Yeah, but really. It will still be there. I'm just not doing the art anymore... Sorry Adamacus. I know man, we been through some shit together dawg... but yes, I'm just so... I'm done.
It's impossible man... Can't forget any of you guys!
My Retirement
Zar hasn't posted this, but I will. I have decided to retire from Wow comics. I am going to do my own thing for a while, and the comic is making me flustered. To all who made this happen, sweet! Thanks! But yeah, it will still be around! Zar is going to keep it going. Hope it goes well. I will however no longer be doing the artwork for the comic. It may be slow for a week more as a result. Thanks again guys. Later.
Boring and Generic
I want to say this. If you are a reader of our comic, we appreciate what you are doing. I agree that our jokes aren't going to be so awesome at the moment. Infact, I really hate making the comic right now (in all honesty) because of this plotline for one, and because I spend so much time on it that it just eats me up. But here is what I wanted to say. I love Christopher Walken. If you don't, thats cool. Also, you think our jokes are boring or generic? Thats cool. The honest comments are great! I appreciate it AutoInsomnia, but to tell you the truth, if I was making this to please everyone, I wouldn't be making it. I'm just doing this for me and Zar here. I don't care if anyone really reads it or votes a 1, or if I'm number 3000 out of 3000 comics. Zar and I get a good laugh here and there and we thought we would try this, so while we are trying to figure out some ideas, this will have to do. And I have been terribly busy.

In short, if you don't like what you see, sorry. Best advice would be to stop reading our comic for a while. But, I do know what you are saying and I appologize for the dullness. Later! --Rhino--
September 29th, 2005
Thanks for the comments everyone! Yeah, the painting was done in photoshop CS2 with a wacom tablet and pen. There were 7 layers, one which was a crappy pencil drawing and the rest were snow layers, bg and one painting layer. I paint on one layer cause it feels natural. I did do one extra layer for the hair, but the main parts were in the first layer. One of these days I'll make a painting and do a tutorial... maybe over the next couple months. It is based off a dream where I was walking down the snowy sidewalk of our appartment complex and this girl walked by with these AMAZING green eyes... the rest was black and white, but the eyes! That's what I remember most. Rickyman, so what is the deal? You sell to a paper or getting published?

Thanks again everyone!! (Blows kissed in every direction, except to the guys... this ain't no homo-rodeo!)

--Rhino Out--
September 29th, 2005
You may have noticed the lack of comics lately. This is the reason why. I have been focusing on making a digital painting for my home town artshow. It's something I felt like doing. And I am in the winter mood. So, there you have it. I will upload a higher rez image tomorrow. For now, sleep! Night all!
If you are confused as to what this is talking about, look at the previous comic. For some reason it didn't get viewed much. But yeah, a continuatoin of the plot. Gotta have a dead hooker somewhere eventually! :D
A break from the plot line. We had to do it 'cause Tux and Brandon don't get many screen appearances, and Zar's been pushing our comic at work. The people there evidently LOVE that pengin Tux, and wanna see him doing crazy stuff. So! We had to do one.
WTF is he eating! DAMN! Very cool! Also love the "Sweet Samus Aran!" Yeah... she fine!
TOTALLY HILLARIOUS! I love how it takes about an hour for them to charge up one shot in those anime shows. What the hell right?
WHAT THE FFF!!!!????
September 15th, 2005
Ugh... Long day of work! BLECH!!

Thanks for the comments guys. Usually, I would post a comment first thing, but I post dated this comic to be launched this morning instead of at midnight and was at work by that time.

The ad took the longest to make. I mean, honestly, YOU try making a fake ad with alot of text in it. It will take you at least half an hour or so. And yeah, it was fun. Totally had to put the lost "Blue Ninja" ad in there. WE MISS HIM FROTHY!! Even though Frothy has started school, he needs to get back up on the game plan.

Oh, and don't worry... any extra women (like there is such a thing :p) will be directed right to ya Lynk1up. Of course, which of the Quad they fight over... hmmm... I don't think that your character with the fro has much of a chance. Unless she is into eating random items that are both disgusting and unsanitary. :D

Little tid bid: The banner in the back of the chinese food resturant actually says "Death." But it's covered up by some balloons. Seemed fitting, since after we leave there most the time, we feel like dying we are so stuffed!!

Thanks guys... later
Mickey D's
Still... the stuff WILL KILL YOU!!! Not bad artwork. It would be nice to see some line weight to separate your characters from the background. Thats all i see wrong... otherwise, AWESOME STUFF!
September 13th, 2005
Zar's comment is priceless... so cocky, it's him... totally! hahaha... Awesome. But, not a great as alot of your comics, I must say... honestly... I'll give you a 4 though.
September 13th, 2005
I am cool with this cameo. As long as we don't become regular characters and you maybe give reference to our site, sure... I'm down! GO NINJA!! FLEEEEE!!! And of course, you GOTTA keep us posted. Send me messages in Jeeves with a link, or post in here. YOU GOTTA!!

Thanks for the comments everyone. Been really busy working, so not alot of time, but I'll check out your comics soon. Later...

The beer poster was something I made in Illustrator a long time ago as my first assignment in Digital Illustration class back at AIC. I will post a larger version in my sketch dump soon, but working on painting for an upcoming artshow also. I have alot on my plate at the moment. :p