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Emergence Comics is a comic series based off of an RP group. While I, Rogue, am the artist, I do not lay claim to all of the characters within.

Myself, Sina, Moony and Kody have come together to create this new world and idea, and we hope that you enjoy it.
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Awesome! CAn't wait to see Dmitri!!
That is fucking awesome! Like... beyond awesome! The first chapter is great. I love Mael's shadow threatening him. Awesome work! More More!
Love it, you have such a great grasp on the two of them! Awesome work!
BOOM! I was right. Go me!!
Love Marius' expression there.
I love the bad guy here, he's highly amusing and I can't wait to see more of him, but his attire seems extremely out of date. :P
Wolf Blanket?
Ok, is it bad i laughed out right when he grabbed Abba and pulled her in frontof him<3<3
Aten Ra:
Now now Dallas, a little tact darling
@SwKarasu: Lol, yes, he tries so hard to be big and bad and scary! And fails. Miserably.
Mael and Lawrence
Mael Dorma is the Vampire King, and Lawrence Dorma is his chosen. They are lovers, but not married. You will see as the story goes on how it is that Lawrence came to have his last name.

Mael Dorma: ©Caitlin Thompson
Lawrence Dorma: © Sarah Welles
Lyrics: © One Republic - Counting Stars
Aten Ra
Aten Ra will be coming in a bit later in the comic. He is Mael and Trigger's sire. An evil character with a love for blood, gore, and chaos.

There are a few things I might have done better with this, he looks a little too bulky in the forward view, but ultimately I like the end result.

Also, I enjoyed working in color for him a lot, and might try a few pages in color to see if I'd rather work in color, or black and white.

Aten Ra ©Caitlin Thompson
Mael Meets the Mayor
I was working with some new shading ideas here. (THANKS TO SWKARASU!) I am still learning to use this program, so it's going to be a journey and my styles are likely to change often during the course of it.

This is the first page of the first chapter. Mael, the vampire king, arriving at City Hall.
Amazing as Always!
Came out great, both pages were awesome. I like the look on Mael's face in the half shot of him, he looks like he's just resigned. LoL. I can't wait to see more!

Also no, Toxic definitely is not Abby. lol
@SwKarasu: He totally does, oopsy. lol. Of course, he dies on the next page, so can't be him lol.
My favorite so far! And the finish of the introduction. Hope everyone likes.
Just text, I know, super lame, but I couldn't think of an image to go with this important piece of information... so blah
Ok, this one also kinda sucks. Well... mostly the vampire, but for being done at 3 am on 0 sleep, I think it does it's job.
Then came the hunters, who thought themselves human, though they had given their human souls for magic long ago. The blood shed proved to be too much, and the answer was to end the werewolves and the vampires for good.

Years of study and magic finally came down to one answer. A curse, that would turn all supernatural creatures human. In the end, unknown to the hunters, they paid a great sacrifice as well. For they themselves were no longer completely human, and they too reverted to only humans. Loosing their strength and powers.
The cover sucks. That simple, I hate it, and will probably redo it at some point. Also, it is the only page done in color for now. Black and White is easier and I am Lazy ~Rogue
Tall Sigrid is Tall
Jeez! He is a foot and a half taller then Lawr, it's funny to see the actual size comparison! I love it, I can't wait to see the next page!