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my birthday is actually july 14 91 go sheep!
(year of the sheep) i curently atend high school i like to draw anime but i suck compared to my 2 secret loves h**a and j****y
oh and i never killed a woman or raped and tortured any one in the sumer of 07 ^.^
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    shaterd heart
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um there were so many coments i had tto add one and ps i hav a my space but i go on there like once a month oh ps no online friends hahaha and um kyle hes like my ex to much maintnence god why cant i find the perfect gay guy
i love anime girl so cute!!!!!!!!
yay go anime freak err girl ^_^
i dont like to hurt anyone but pervs and posers but ur cool uh wahts ur name?
i love black red purple silver and red cant stand wihte but that doesnt mean i wear them
im goth not emo to much maintnence
hate chick pants i wear really bay pants
most pepole dont believe me but i love green day and panic at the disco fav songs "boulevard of broken dreams" and "i write sins not tragedies"
im not an anime freak and i dont fall in love with cartoons there just fun to read!! god im to gay
i worship this comic
oh my god thats so true and great comic
yay zelda is hot and smexy here or im crazy may be i just love violence?
must borrow that yaoi manga *drolls*
i want the kitty pleez be gay
me love this if only he was gay
i like this cover im a little gotth xD
you gotta love the questioning qoute "am i gay" god denial comes next
a man cries infront of pepole when hes breaking or already broken thats waht i think its hard for us as guys to be strong and cold in a time that we are afraid thats why i like this page but it reminds me of me
i really like this page yay go go go!!!
by now you know i suck at drawing hands im also suck at size preporssion and other stuff
i know my comic is way random but please try to stick with it in the future i will make it a litle less random