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is this the same class that that one boy asked you how to draw fire then took out a lighter or something


also tell michael to shut the egg up and then throw your tea out the windows

byt he way today I was told that when americans say "ham and eggs" they mean like BACON and eggs and let me tell you all these years I've been envisioning co-op's own brand honey roast ham lightly sprinkled with Free Range scrambled eggs and this realisation has opened a whole new world for me I thought you'd be interested also this is a very long run-on sentence
@RioBlitzle: T R U E W A R

how about now then

How did you convince your mum to get paintool sai hahahahahah

also, want to talk on steam at like 7pm?
I have stuff from... 2014... in my bedroom, from once when you were visiting and decided to draw. ALSO, the canvas that you like 1/3 finished then left here for some reason. I could send you a pic of the drawings (if I can find them) but I can definitely find the canvas. Both of our canvases look ugly because I forgot what a Dalek looked like (lmao good going me) and you... can't draw on canvases. Do you want me to send you pics? Also, are you visiting in Easter? Also... send me pictures of skye (if that's how you spell her name)

edit: also which drawing software do you use? please tell me you don't still use ms paint