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I am a very cheerful person. Don't do lots of things normal comic authors do. I have a comic as you can see , so feel free to PM me if you have questions. More about me: I'm a full blown Christian, I'm a kid at heart and very silly. Expect an immature Warpstar. Also, blame me for everything bad that goes on. I am Murphy.
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Has anyone ever really thought about how it could be possible to have someone travel on that trail in the background?
What? Breathing techniques used for the evil Kirby?
Nah, the knight's fine, he just escaped last minute.
I would have thought once a Kirby grew older, they'd gain more abilities in an ability, if that makes sense.
I really don't find King Dedede fitting. I like just Dedede.
Hey, you said you'd go. You have no one to blame but yourself.
Minor comment: I have never seen the dash of Kirby's run like that before.

Imma steal it.
Why are those Dees SUCH JERKS?
I guess he swallows his food.
Or they will BASH YOUR HEAD IN!
Nah, he probably is just thinking of his... uh... cat. Yeah, he misses his cat.
I wonder who is actually able to stop The Glitch.

I think it's cool to call him The Glitch as a villain name.
What was that 1st panel about?
Get em', Dees!
The way the Doo woke up makes it look really cute.
Well, at least these comics aren't from the deep web.

That actually scared me a bit.
People are getting captured today!
I bet it was the Sir Kibble.