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I am a very cheerful person. Don't do lots of things normal comic authors do. I have a comic as you can see , so feel free to PM me if you have questions. More about me: I'm a full blown Christian, I'm a kid at heart and very silly. Expect an immature Warpstar. Also, blame me for everything bad that goes on. I am Murphy.
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There's no mistake, just in case anyone wonders.

I knew it was going to be a kid's ride one day.
They look like she was about to screech at them.
@Farts: Chime's armor.
Hey, what's up with the abilities on that house in the 3rd panel?

@Kirbyfan27: Ah, an inspired one, I see. I have taught you well.
Haven't seen you in a while.

@BattleStarX:If you don't dream you don't deserve to be in Dream Land. Get outta here!
Crash it to teach all them a lesson!
We should have a tally at the end.

Oh, and PLEASE ignore last panel mistake.
I think it's gonna spread...
I think I've been stalling enough.
Are you sure you didn't come super close to the screen to say hi to me, Kirby?
I think he could be... if the Author-Doo wasn't protecting him so much.
Splash screens would be nice.
The heck?

I think everyone fears her more instead of praising.

Kexas, remember Saia.
Dang it, Doo!
I can speak so many languages. Let's see I can speak English, Pig Latin, Gibberish, Blurb, Cluck, oh and I'm learning some Spanish right now.
Uhhh... Ven?
Next Page: Something. "Meh."

I predict the future!