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I am a very cheerful person. Don't do lots of things normal comic authors do. I have a comic as you can see , so feel free to PM me if you have questions. More about me: I'm a full blown Christian, I'm a kid at heart and very silly. Expect an immature Warpstar. Also, blame me for everything bad that goes on. I am Murphy.
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@WiispNightmare: "Trash Basher, the garbage momster. This stinks.
@Sudux: Well, sure Ninji needed quiet to focus, but to outright attack when his point wasn't getting through to Yelow was wrong.

@WiispNightmare: "I feel... dirty..."
Just finished reading this comic again. I love the ingenuity.
The duck is always watching you... but not when you're sleeping. That's just weird.
I hope it's not permanent... the pinkness of Kirby is his staple!

Another question of mine is, have you noticed how your style of humor has changed over the years?
My ninja senses are tingling...
He kinda listened to me...
I still want to know why the puffball species name is kirby.
Twenty-three minutes? Time isn't loopy?
I like the way you shake that yoyo!
...the door's a portal, isn't it.
I know it may seem like I'm being lazy, but I'm just trying to crank things out for you guys.
Maybe they could have inhaled them or him to get close at least.
I think it'd be better if it was called Bomb String.

But ouch.
What is this? Actual legitimate stealth?

*Look closely in last panel*
Dang, that was harsh.
And then the real Kible comes out.

What UP?
I had a feeling he wasn't gone for good.