I am a very cheerful person. I like to do lots of things normal comic authors do. I have a comic as you can see , so feel free to PM me if you have questions. More about me: I'm a full blown Christian, I'm a kid at heart and very silly. Expect an immature Warpstar. Also, blame me for everything bad that goes on. I am Murphy.
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Grace is mad at you.
Fire + Ice equals dry ice. Because it burns you!
@Marx The Destroyer: I have a tablet. That's usually how I comment on other comics. There's no way I'd lie if I didn't want to make any now.
Use your cutters and give him a haircut! DO IT!
Double updates will be off and on. I can't get to the computer at this time.
I like your nice drawn ending. I also like how you posted on my first day of summer break.

Though I didn't see until now...
@Light and Shadow: Completes the whole Food Dee Plate, also.
It's taunting him!
Kobby isn't sad. He's just confirming it with his eyes closed.

EDIT: Hey guys, Kobby's talking.
I might start doing a series of double updates until I'm caught up, like last year.

I'm also trying to finish this segment before July.

New segment subject thing.

@Elemental Kirby: Nice. Maybe July could be Duo July.
I remember that joke.
Just one more chapter until I'm done. I might upload the segment summary today.
Ewwwww, I MEAN UM, awwwww...
What are you doing during the summer?
Very handy and very strong.

None of us need that.
You can't threaten him with that, it's not lit!
Get her, Marx!
I could say the same for you, cave monster.
She's only talking to cheer Daisy up guys.