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I am a very cheerful person. Don't do lots of things normal comic authors do. I have a comic as you can see , so feel free to PM me if you have questions. More about me: I'm a full blown Christian, I'm a kid at heart and very silly. Expect an immature Warpstar. Also, blame me for everything bad that goes on. I am Murphy.
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Sometimes, I like not knowing everything.
The black ones... the popcorn ones... *HOOLP!*
Well, if you did it anyway, I think Karby would be fine.
@BattleStarX: I feel that phrase has been used before.
After all this time she's STILL deathly afraid.

Man, welcome back!
I really gotta finish watching Star Allies.
Will that be silk or wool?

Cause... y'know...
I like horizontally riding it better. You can do more tricks on it.
I wonder what armor tastes like...
Those special effects actually frightened me.

And that's actually a good thing.
I wouldn't have waited for him.
That disrespect!
Oh, Meta Titan is a kid. Yeah, I never revealed his name. I felt it just adds to his semi-anonymous scamming.
What is the value of the speed of life?
Any greatest fears?

Mine is... uh... growing up.
...cake hater.
Should guards be able to hold grudges?

Is that legal?