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Well I like a lot of the comic and I lost the track of so many so here I am I kind of weird guy and sometimes funny people said but it is without notice xD

I like Horror, suspense, plot twist, some romantic a lot of things :)

I kind of have a story to draw but I not good drawing so if I ever decide to make it the updates will take about days... maybe weeks... or months.. :/
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What if the father accept to forgive his life only if he became a permanent energy fuel for everyone or just like a pet for luca
OMG Maddie you have another comic i been gone for awhile but I happy to see this :D
I love that teacher he says a lot of think I do "you will suffer drie consequences " "Its a promise" :#
January 2nd, 2016
aww too cute now they're so close with that hug \O/
Just one question why Aaron has no clothes :I
this comic has nothing to do with porn really I have seen comic on this site that its just porn and they still here

Sometimes I wonder if they really check the content on this site -_- but dont worry I dont think this will get delete :)
November 30th, 2015
I dont know why but I think he may want to have sex with him while he was drunk and thats why he is tied up or just want him to show him what he does on his work :I
November 12th, 2015
xD Funny thing I just realize that you have the same comic but without color :I
The hand on the last page look more like he was about to kiss him but I guess a hug it's ok ^-^
I knew this two will end up together :3
What... what is wearing that guy who say vete al infierno? xD
and btw he is only wearing that
I dont know why but I think Brynn will or could get jealous of Arco
October 11th, 2015
I just had a Dejavu O.O
LOL it was worthy to wait and see thanks to be quiet xD
I guess that he's going to do the smae thing when Arco lose control when the ligths are gone
September 19th, 2015
lol have fun playing games :D
O: dont tell me he has magical powers
then brynn realize that his shorts and underwear were taken by the sea xD
And now it's when someone open the door for them sorry guys...
pls dont say that in the next page T_T
for a moment I thought he will rape him :I