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Hello I'm a spriter just like all of you guys I like doing all kinds of sprites ^^
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then who are you?
The battle has reverse xP
Things are getting interesting..
Awesome let the finale battle began!!!
Lol xD it's just one of those days when your not feeling it
Lol this is pretty old but it's still funny to me
just some sprite hedgehog I did
There not the best but meh
Playing dirty :/
this is going to be exciting
Aww ;_; the feelings men
These look so cute
Lol that was easy
Alright then let's get down to business
Awww ^^ this is beautiful
Awww ^^ can't wait for them to reunite again
Things are getting more interesting
Hope she didn't get hurt to much
Awesome ^^ now let's gets this show on the road