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@genericblogger: but can he do it without getting punched? Kylee: challenge accepted...
Boi crush!
The other guys' expressions are killing me softly. Lmfao!
Oh boy oh boy Wes is gonna offer and Kim is gonna step in. That's my prediction fight me
LOL what's was that Taka said before about doing gay shit?
I think somebody's bout to get dick punched.
I can't with the cuteness. I wonder if Taka even realizes he's doing it.
Wuuut? Just...wut??
August 11th, 2017
Poor guy. This is like the worst dream ever.
LOL Aiden looking at his hand like uuhhhh now what?
I can't believe they're just hanging together and nobody is telling or blushing!
Flashback time!
Trashy, how dare you.
Well somebody seems to be feeling a little naughty...
Uh oh the image is missing. :(
Oh dear....
August 8th, 2017
I ship it hard.
Precious boy needs some lovin' from his new master.