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I write things. My alter-ego arts things. My alter-alter-ego moms things. I make comics sometimes but mostly read them.
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    J.K. Hogan
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Same, girlie, hard same.
Methinks Doug needs some love advice.
Save a horse...
I was one of the ones who didn't like Kim's attitude, but it's a sign of good writers when they can make their readers feel shit. It's their story, and it's going to unfold however they planned. So RE the time skip, calm your thirst and get over it. If you want porn without plot, try xtube.
Same, bro. Flu here. I'd probably make a deal with a sexy demon to get rid of this.
Well that escalated quickly. 😮
@Hoagie: I thought the exact same thing. It's one thing to play rough, but don't be assy about it.
Kim, bruh, I'm all for the rough play, but the slut shaming comment is rude, especially when you're assuming.
February 22nd, 2018
*snort* morning after pill
Oh my damn. Hello snakeboy!
Can I have all three?
I neeeeeed to see Takashi's face rn
And now naked cuddles!
@ShadowThorn: I can't see the hover text because I'm reading on a kindle. Help a girl out?
Well that escalated quickly.
Oh darn. Must needs cuddle.
The cuteness. It hurts. Send HALP.
KABOOM! Hiro.exe has encountered a fatal error. Shutting down.