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Dang kid what ARE you hiding in those memories. Everyone seems REALLY scared of Jason remembering o_o'''
Jason's shocked face in panel four x'D I am really enjoying this so far and GUH your clothes folds are so good.
Oh god no, Robbie dON'T
Okay I legit laughed out loud at "Jason will accidentally transform and reveal his powers to us later." That is one genre-savvy kid xD

T_T at the first two panels. Yup there's a good heartache panel.

Also I love Toby x'D
"Like when we were kids," he says o_o Hmmmmmmmm
Awww :( Poor Squigglebeast
Okay that is a hella cool weapon *_*
MEANWHILE over here in Robbie land
Man, Toby's a badass
Heckin R.I.P. Jason
Oh good job, Jason. We hardly knew ye
ROBBIE PLS that's not a thing to joke about ;o;
Yeah I'm feeling Jason's pain right there.
July 6th, 2018

And there's the end of volume one, folks.

As always, thanks for reading, for your support, and for your fantastic and clever comments. I'll see you guys in a few weeks! While updates will be paused, I'll be lurking on social media, the Ink Drop Cafe Discord server, aaaand the new Galebound Discord server! :)

Chapter Five, "For a Price", starts on 8/15. If you'd like to get access to chapter five early, please consider supporting this comic via Patreon or Ko-fi :D
July 4th, 2018
Hey guys, to give you a heads up, next week's page is the last page of this chapter. Since it's the chapter break, I'm going to be taking a few weeks off to catch up...Mostly because I rearranged a lot in this chapter so I gotta redo the pacing in the next chapter a bit. Also, going out of town for a bit in August, so I'm planning on starting chapter five on 8/15 after I get back from Otakon! I'm also hoping to be able to get early access pages going for real again, both on Patreon and Ko-fi :') But anyway, one more update <3

Thank for reading and see you next week!
June 27th, 2018
Thanks for reading and see you next week :')
June 20th, 2018
I...uhh....*runs away*

Thanks for reading and see ya'll next week :'D
She's so brave, tying to un-negative him instead of running the heck away :'D
June 13th, 2018
Ahahahahaha okay so hell month stuck around for another week x'D I've got a bit of shading to finish up on this page but I did what I could. But I don't wanna delay things just 'cuz work is nuts. Especially at this point in the story omg


<small>(Also, content warning for blood. Um. -cough-)</small>
June 6th, 2018
Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Just as an aside, hell month is over at work today (finally ;o;) so I'm hoping to get back to rebuilding a buffer proper now.