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We're back! Mayobe.
Turns out that not only can Naya nope her way out of a hallucination, but she can nope herself into one as well. XD
I think Ace is looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet. XD
Naya isn't just a sillyfloof, she's the ultimate Sillyfloof. X3
I think that Arden is discovering that the twins are hard to pun-ish. XD
Twins in the labyrinth? What could possibly go wrong? >3
Random staring contest because I'm too lazy to make better dialog. XD
The first panel is a-door-able =P
On the plus side, OCD locks pretty much guarantee the twins won't get in. XD
Turns out that the move Flamethrower is actually just a case of fire types with morning breath. XD
Need a breath mint, Nyra? XD
Naya, ignorance is bliss. XD
I think Naya's had enough of this quackery. XD
Just wait until more of the Flame Guard start hallucinating this. They'll never be able to take Moltres seriously again. XD
Poor Naya. Why can't she get a moment's peace? XD
A hobbyist dentist? What could possibly go wrong? XD
What's the worst that could possibly happen? >3
Twiiiiiiiiiins! >3